Random Thoughts Playoff Edition #2

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Western Conference

1.The Dallas Mavericks are the typical team in today’s modern NBA. They have good wing defenders that can shoot in Reggie Bullock and Dorian Finney-Smith. The Mavs have a great player in Luka Doncic and a good one in jalen Brunson whom they need to re sign. Tim Hardaway Jr., a good shooter, is returning from an injury. Because they have all these good wings and point guards their only need is a defensive center and they would become a team that could get to the Finals.

2. Phoenix appears to be a team that could be on the decline. This is because Chris Paul is going to be a year older and struggled in this year’s playoffs while Deandre Ayton may leave because of contract issues. As a result if they don’t have a fresh Paul and they lose Ayton they become a mid level playoff team.

3. If the Lakers believe a change in coaches will make them title contenders, boy are they disillusioned. They need to import more talent and without draft picks and cap money that will be difficult. Lebron has endorsed their new coach but what happens the first time they disagree on something.

4. Speaking of the West, how competitive will it be next year because more teams keep improving. The Clippers have Kawhi Leonard returning. Denver has two good players coming back. Golden State is this year’s conference champion, Memphis and Minnesota are young and improving. Dallas is good and Utah if they remain intact is a playoff team. Phoenix without Ayton, if he leaves, is still a playoff team. Zion Williamson, if he’s healthy, makes New Orleans a team to be reckoned with. Where does this leave the Lakers?

Eastern Conference

5. The Heat gave Boston all they could handle and with a Jimmy Butler three could have been in the Finals but now what is their future. With Butler and Kyle Lowry aging they need to get younger. As he ages, Butler will have difficulty matching what he did this year in the playoffs. Tyler Herro, while an offensive threat, is a liability defensively and is a year away from a contract year. Can he become their lead player or will they look to package him with Duncan Robinson in a trade.

6. Because they put all their eggs all in the James Harden basket Philadelphia is in an interesting position and it doesn’t look like to good. If Harden doesn’t make a comeback Philly has big problems because there is little depth. After Joel Embiid, Tyrese Maxey, Harden and a sometimes Harris, there isn’t much else there.

7. It is said that if Kyrie Irving declines his option and is a free agent teams will line up for him. I would tell those teams, good luck with that. What makes a different team think they can get through to him because Boston, Cleveland and now Brooklyn failed.

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Random Thoughts Playoff Edition Random Thoughts Playoff Edition


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