Random Thoughts Playoff Edition

Western Conference

  1. Watching Memphis play is like riding a roller coaster. They struggled against Minnesota and now seem to have met their match in Golden State. Although they are quite talented they seem like “The Not Ready For Primetime Players”. If they stay together their day will come.
  2. Jalen Brunson is a good player, no question about it. He will make big money this year in free agency. Ask yourself, if you have a good team will getting him make you a great team? If he gets the money he’s asking for it will be a big dent in someone’s salary cap.
  3. Dallas can defend especially with wing defenders like Reggie Bullock and Dorian Finney-Smith and It seems like Phoenix is playing into Dallas’ strength by attacking those wings. I understand Phoenix has talented wings. Due to this, why isn’t Phoenix exploiting the Deandre Ayton matchup because Dallas has nobody on their roster capable of defending him.

Eastern Conference

  1. What ever happened to Miami’s ability to shoot because their shooting in the last two games hasn’t been good. Philadelphia’s defense, though better with Joel Embiid, hasn’t been that good. I kind of think Miami will break out in a big way.
  2. In watching Boston and Milwaukee play it looks like they are the two best teams in the East. The hope for the winner of the Philadelphia – Miami series is that the winner of the Boston – Milwaukee series is worn down and not at their best.
  3. That Boston – Milwaukee series is a throw back to the eighties. Both sides are playing quite physical. The games feature poor shooting percentages and players are getting knocked around on what seems like every possession with baskets earned and not much coming easy..
  4. It seems the toughest job is to be an NBA referee. More so in the Boston – Milwaukee series. The officials are taking a great deal of criticism and not all of it is fair. With contact on what looks like every play making the officials job more negotiating as opposed to refereeing.

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