Redemption for Russell Westbrook

There was some redemption for Russell Westbrook last night in Toronto. The Lakers were down by 3 with 25.7 seconds left. LeBron James missed the three pointer to tie the game. Immediately following, Russ grabbed the rebound, tried to shoot a three also and missed. It looked like it was going to be another Lakers loss. With 10.3 seconds left Toronto inbounded the ball and Russ stole the ball and drove to the three point line and drilled a game tying three. Overtime!!!

The Lakers would go one to win 128-123 in that overtime. It was nice to get a win, and even better to see Russ have a moment like this.

Russ getting a moment of redemption like this is heartwarming. This game was close and close games have not been nice to the Lakers this season. It felt like it was going to end the same way tonight. Russ put his foot down instead and held the hero mantle quite nicely.

It was a wonderful moment in this long season.

Fans Go Too Far with Russell Westbrook Again

A fan in Toronto was harassing Russ and there is video. The amount of garbage that this man takes from fans and media is way over the top. Players do not deserve this kind of treatment. It’s just a game. Take a look at the video yourself and see. Fans need to do better.

There is no good reason for fans to be doing this to any player. It’s childish, and it stains all us fans. It needs to stop.

There is no athlete that takes the amount of criticism that Russell Westbrook does. He still shows up and grinds. It’s exactly for moments like this. Now I’m not going to get carried away and say this saves the Lakers season. I’m just enjoying this win and this moment for Russ right now.

It’s a moment he needed and a moment he deserved to have. Russell Westbrook has played hard for the Lakers all season long. He has made some mistakes, there is no doubt. His good has outweighed his bad, in my opinion. I realize I am in the minority here.

That’s OK. I’m just going to enjoy the moment. The fact that a fan did this to him before this game makes this moment even sweeter. Go Russ! You deserve it.

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