Swat It To The Cheap Seats; Cheer Like Your Hair Is On Fire

Welcome to swat it to the cheap seats, and cheer like your hair is on fire. My weekly column of Dikembe Mutombo finger wags, and Stadium shaking cheers. Each week I take something I don’t like and “swat it to the cheap seats“. Although In order to retain balance, and honor the basketball god’s appropriately, we also “cheer like our hair is on fire” for something each week. So, let’s get to it, for week #1.

Swat!: Ben’s Attitude

The Ben Simmons saga in Philadelphia seems to get more bizarre each day. I understand why Ben is mad. He just seems to be taking it out on the wrong people. He has every right to be Mad at Doc Rivers, and management. They threw him under the bus last year after their playoff exit. Most people would be mad, in his shoes. I get it.

What I don’t get is why be a jerk to teammates and coaches. This league shuffles people around like musical chairs each year. Those players and coaches could very well be on a future team of his. That not only makes things awkward, but it may even create a future schism. Not a good look. You’re only hurting yourself, Ben.

There were even reports he wouldn’t even say hi to the security guards, who said hi to him. Why go that far? Those people may even be fans. So, I’m swatting Ben’s attitude to the cheap seats this week.

Get that (Bleep) out of here!

Cheer!: The NBA revealed its Top 75 list

The biggest reason to cheer on this first week is obvious. It’s the 75th anniversary of the NBA this year, and they just released their list of the top 75 players of all time. Let the debate begin! People are already fired up and debating this list on social media. There are notable snubs, Dwight Howard and Tracy McGrady. There were also notable players that some fans felt didn’t deserve to be there like Paul Pierce and Anthony Davis.

I personally feel like it’s a crime to leave Bernard King off of this list. That’s the fun of these things though. This debate will go on for decades. I love it! So let’s Cheer like our hair is on fire, for this list! Who do you think are the biggest snubs or most undeserving on this list? Please let me know in the comments.

Behold the List! Who was snubbed? Who Shouldn’t be here? The debate will rage for decades.

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