Sweet Lou Looking Sweet Once Again

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A shorthanded Los Angeles Clippers (20-8) squad got a win last night against the shorthanded Cleveland Cavaliers (10-18) 128-111 at Staples Center in the first game of a back-to-back. The Clippers were without Paul George and Kawhi Leonard once again, but that proved to be no problem at all because they took care of the Cav’s easily led by Sweet Lou Williams who is looking sweet once again. They led by as much as 28 in the game, and ended up winning by 17. Cleveland had been doing well the last time they faced the Clips on their homecourt; in fact they were a bit of a surprise team. But since taking that loss, they have fallen off the map both statistically and in the standings. They continued their woes last night as LAC smacked them in the face without either of their two best players.


Lou Williams is back people. He had been suffering from the effects of a hip injury and had not looked like himself for much of the year. These past few weeks though he has been feeling better, and it is showing on the floor. Sweet Lou got the start last night in place of Kawhi. He led the team and game with 30 points looking like the Lou Williams of old. He also had a double-double with 10 assists to go along with a couple of rebounds as well. Marking the fifth time in his career he put up 30 points and at least 10 assists. This was a sweet game for Sweet Lou as he filled that void left by the absence of PG13 and the Klaw and then some. If Lou continues to play like he did last night, the Clippers should start to climb once again in the standings even without them.

Watch out Jazz, Lou Will and the Clips are coming for you.


Once again it is the health of the team. I am growing increasingly tired of seeing Paul George and Kawhi Leonard with DNP next to their name. The biggest factor in the team’s early exit from the playoffs last year was their lack of cohesion. They did not play a whole lot with their whole squad together, and it showed. Now that problem has continued well into this year as every time a player gets a mosquito bite they sit out games. This is annoying me. I know this was the first game of a back-to-back, so sitting Kawhi may have just been a precautionary measure. When asked about it, Coach Lue did not seem to be too overly concerned. You do want your best players to be healthy for the postseason, but still worrying about the future too much over the here and now is what costed them before. Kawhi better play tonight I swear to God.


Serge Ibaka. Serge has been fairly solid as the starting center for the team this year, but last night he had his best all-around game of the season by far. He had 21 points, 9 rebounds, and a surprising 6 assists to go with 2 blocks. The blocks and rebounds don’t surprise me, he should be doing that pretty much every night as a starter. But, the 6 assists shocked me. Serge is not known as a playmaker by any stretch, but last night he was handing out dimes like a point guard. Hitting guys from the post for open 3’s. I did not know he was capable of doing so at such a high clip. He may have not even known it. Coach Lue may have just discovered a secret weapon.

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