The Atlanta Hawks Win On Road Against Golden State


The Golden State Warriors lose to The Atlanta Hawks 108-124. With Stephen Curry being out due to a tailbone injury the Warriors would need to utilize each player effectively making it easier for them to score. The Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young hit the floor looking to score and facilitate the ball. In the first quarter he finishes with 10-1-5 shooting 3-4 taking advantage of The Golden State Warriors poor defense. Trae Young and John Collins led the first half 70-52.

Star Of Game

In the first half Trae Young had 18 points while utilizing his teammates putting them in good positioning as well. He always drives the defense towards him which allows him to be able to set his team up for open shots. To start the third The Hawks are 10-20 shooting, 9-19 in three point field goal attempts. Trae Young continues being shifty on the dribble freeing himself to open scoring looks at the rim. Young finishes the game with 21-3-15 being dominant from the field. He also helps his team in a huge way by getting the ball to his teammates allowing them to score.

Biggest Concern

The Atlanta Hawks have gained a great scoring guard in Lou Williams. My concern is how the Hawks would use him, is he coming off the bench or starting alongside Trae Young? Also, how would this effect John Collins shooting attempts? The Hawks are just 6th in the Eastern Conference as of now they are looking at playing the Milwaukee Bucks who are the third seed. If the Hawks want a better chance at winning the playoffs they should push to get in a higher seed. Doing so would make a more favorable matchup for their team.

Surprise Contributor

John Collins reached his career high in scoring against The Golden State Warriors. Scoring 38 points he was dominant in leading the Hawks to the win shooting 14-19 from the field. As always he contributed to the road win with 12 rebounds being aggressive on the boards. Collins is such a key player for the Hawks he always comes to play on both sides of the floor. He’s a consistent contributor offensively as well as defensively being a dominant scorer in the paint , from the field and on crashing the boards.

Next Game

Vs. Denver Nuggets, Sunday, March 28th at 6:00PM Pacific

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