The Celtics Impress. The Grizzlies Hibernate


In the end the Grizzlies had no growl. The first quarter started off a little sloppy as both teams flailed around in the early minutes but then the Celtics got it rolling and went on a 12-0 run to set the stage for a thrashing. 

The quarter featured nice shooting from Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown. Daniel Theis was strong and Robert Williams III (AKA) ‘The Time Lord’ continued to show flashes of what could be with 10 rebounds. He has natural basketball instincts and if he gives it his all, he could be a starter in this league.

In the 2nd Quarter Jason Tatum stepped it up and got them up 15 quick. Midway through he had 14 points and Daniel Theis had 10. But stand aside and give Jaylen Brown the Game Ball. With the help of Jason Tatum and crew he led his accomplices on a 17-0 run. Brown ended the first half with 26 points shooting 10 for 15 and 6 for 8 from 3 point land. 

“Since I’ve been here I’ve seen Jaylen grow every year,” forward Daniel Theis said. “He got a hot hand, hit five or six shots in a row, so we kept looking for him.” 

Brown would end the game with a career high 42. Hitting 7 out of 10 3’s. He’s making a case for getting the ball when the game is on the line.

3rd Quarter and it’s sloppy, floppy and uninspired early. And pretty much garbage time throughout. Little stretches of fun alley-ooping, clever passes and second shots. While staying 25+ ahead. Jaylen owned the offense enroute to his 42 and the Celts pretty much did as they pleased and made the Grizzlies wander around like so many bear cubs looking for Mommy.

The 4th Quarter was solid garbage time. The benches were emptied and we got a brisk little inter-squad practice scrimmage. Celtic Carson Edwards stood out against the horde of bench buddies hitting double digits and dishing out the offense. The Grizz finally wobbled to within 2 points of the constant 20 point lead with 4 minutes left to go. But Boston’s rookies closed them out. Fan favorite Tacko Fall saw some minutes but failed to impress.

He is still very tall.

As for the Grizz,  Jonas Valančiūnas managed 20 points with 10 rebounds while Gorgui Dieng threw in 17. They were without Ja Morant with an ankle injury who has been averaging 26 so far in the early going and Kyle Anderson who had 48 points in the last 2 games went sour with 0 of 4 from the three point line and ended with just 9 points.

Celts win 126-107

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