The Clippers Swat The Hornets

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The Los Angeles Clippers (47-23) got out the bug spray on the the Charlotte Hornets (33-37) tonight and beat them 113-90 at Spectrum Center. The Clippers got this solid road win even after having a horrendous 2nd quarter. They were OK in the 1st scoring, 31 compared to the Bugs’ 23. However, they only scored 13 points in the 2nd due in large part to some really terrible missed shots. Paul George and Reggie Jackson were putting up 3’s that did not even draw iron. Even with all those misses, the Clippers still managed to make 21 3 pointers. They shot 53% from the field for the game. After the wonky 1st half, the Clippers emptied a can of Raid on Charlotte and established as much as a 23 point lead. They were able to score 40 points themselves in the 3rd, and hold the Hornets to only 13 in the 4th. LAC was able to keep it rolling as they try to finish out the regular season on a high note. With these last two games coming against sub .500 teams, there is still a chance they can climb as a high as the 2 seed.


I am going to go with Paul George for this one with his 20 points, 10 rebounds, 6 assists, and a steal. This was not PG’s best game he’s ever played, but he had the best overall stat line on the winning team with his double-double. He was struggling a bit, as was the rest of the team, in the first half; but he was able to find his groove after halftime as he was able to find his stroke from distance. Once he started to knock them down, the rest of the team started to as well. They were able to establish dominance and pull ahead. Hopefully this kind of game will help build his confidence. In that if he is struggling early to not waver and just keep shooting, because eventually they will start to fall. He is too good for them not to.


I do not have a lot to be concerned about after this game. Even though they had their struggles, they were still able to get their act together. They pulled off a 20 point win against a team that is currently in playoff position. There was no real lack of energy or focus, they were just not making shots. They did have 17 turnovers, but from what I can remember for the most part they were not the careless kind or from trying to be overly fancy. However, even despite their mistakes they did not falter, and were able to buckle down and take care of business against a team they were supposed to beat. They took the game seriously even in the face of an inferior opponent, and kept in charge of their own destiny with the #2 seed still in their sights.


Reggie Jackson and his 19 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, and a block off the bench. Reggie’s stat line is not what was surprising. The guy has been playing well for a long time, and the Clippers would definitely not be where they are without him. What was good to see was that he’s been continuing his stellar play even after having to return to the bench for the past two games upon Patrick Beverley‘s return from injury. No matter what role you put Reggie in, he’ll do his job and fulfill it. He has done whatever has been asked of him all year with no complaints. They needed him for the win tonight, and they are going to need him for more going forward.

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