The Nets Are Causing Mixed Emotions

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The Nets are so far 6-6 for this season and are 2-1 in the In-Season Tournament.  Will the Nets fly high or crash and burn?

The Nets last game was vs the Miami Heat, and the Nets unfortunately had the short hand at the end of the battle. The Nets started off the game with great transition buckets, and team ball; but when they seemed to break away it all fell apart. 

When watching the Nets, almost every time they gain a lead; they start to play more of an iso game. Which shows to be very ineffective; to keep a lead. When transitioning to their iso playing style, it looks more like an AAU team compared to an NBA Franchise. 

If the Nets cut down on their bad habit of iso/contested shots, they can win the majority of their games. They hold the 11th spot in the league for defensive rating; which is surprising for a team that seems to be solely based on offense. They only let teams average 113.3 points on them; when the Nets average 114.3. 

The Nets Early Future

As the season continues, and they realize their bad habits and work on them they can be great. They are one of the most interesting and when playing team ball is one of the best teams in the league. They have all the keys but will they open the right door? 

To succeed they need the team to be healthy, when Ben Simmons and Cam Thomas come back it can be scary hours. The Nets next match up is on Sunday the 19th, if they want to win they need to focus not just on reigning MVP Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey. But also lock in on offense and make sure to take advantage of fast break points and work with their amazing team ball.

Time will tell for the Nets, they can take either path; it fully debates their awareness. Hopefully they will fulfill the fans expectations and show up not out.

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