Throw in the Towel

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The Knicks have continued to lose and show no signs of improvement. Should they just tank the rest of the season?

The Struggle Continues

Including Sunday’s afternoon loss to the new look 76ers , the Knicks have lost 5 straight games and 8 out of their last ten. As of now, they have a 23-36 and still rank 12th in the East, This team has not been able to fix their on court issues and the rotation remains slim due to injuries. The only thing that has been positive for this team is the rise of R.J Barrett. He has been carrying this team on his back as of late but his efforts haven’t paid any dividends when it comes to winning basketball games.

During the 5 game losing streak, Barrett has averaged 29.4PPG while shooting around 43% from the field. Also, Barrett scored a career -high 46 points against the Miami Heat but it still wasn’t enough to get the job done. It’ s great to see your young talent blossom but in regards to this nightmare of a season, it might be time to pull a Sam Hinkie and just tank the rest of the season. 

The Near Future

Looking forward, one of the positives that can come from tanking the season is the upcoming NBA Draft. The Knicks do have a 1st round pick and according to several mock drafts done by experts, The Knicks can possibly have a top ten pick in this year’s draft. This can be a golden opportunity to pick an effective point guard ( such as Kentucky guard Ty Ty Washington Jr.) and continue to build this young core. It’s not a secret that the Knicks have not had an elite guard in quite sometime so possibly being able to get on in the draft is an opportunity The Knicks should not pass up.  

The upcoming schedule does not look friendly for this team as the Knicks will be facing some of the best teams the league has to offer over the next month. With the way they have looked especially in the month of February, the chance of them possibly making the playoffs is slim to none. It might be time to start focusing on the draft and what moves can be made in the offseason. This front office has their work cut out for them in the coming months which is the reason why they should focus on the near future instead of this season. It’s time to throw in the towel.

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Throw in the Towel Throw in the Towel

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