Timberwolves Lose Second Straight Game Against Bulls


Star of the Game

The Timberwolves lose their second game in a row to the injury ridden Bulls. The Bulls played without Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso, but Minnesota couldn’t match for their offensive prowess. On a brighter note, the Timberwolves’ big three combined for 76 points, led by Anthony Edwards. The young shooting guard scored 31 points with six rebounds, eight assists, and a block. Edwards’ shooting is a little below his knockdown three-point numbers (going 3/9 from deep) but he does seem to be bouncing back. 

Biggest Concern

The Timberwolves lost this game because they lacked defensive intensity. After starting the season as a top 10 defensive squad with a weak offense, the situation inverted. Both Chris Finch and Karl-Anthony Towns referenced the team’s struggles on the defensive end in their post game press conferences, and it comes down to the entire team. Defense is hard, but against an offensive juggernaut like Chicago, it makes a huge difference. To quote the old adage, “Defense wins games, offenses sells tickets.”

Number of the Night

32. While most of the team struggled, Karl-Anthony Towns deserves special recognition. By the end of the game, Towns looked exhausted, and barely moved his feet on defense. That being said, he still put up 27 points, eight rebounds, eight assists, and had two steals. With 38 minutes of playtime in this game, no wonder he was so tired. Towns has been carrying the burden lately, and in an interview following the first game against Sacramento, the All-star center said the starting squad has to play better. 

Next Game

The Timberwolves will take on the Pacers Sunday at 2:00 CST.

Timberwolves Lose Second Straight Timberwolves Lose Second Straight Timberwolves Lose Second Straight Timberwolves Lose Second Straight

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