Timberwolves’ Season Ends Quietly With Fourth Loss to Grizzlies

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Star of the Game

The Memphis Grizzlies closed out the series, winning 114-106. Minnesota fought hard, only giving up the lead in the final quarter, but it was too little too late. Anthony Edwards promised the fans he would come out big in this game, and he delivered. The young shooting guard had 30 points (shooting 10/24), with 5 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks. Edwards grew a lot this season as both a player and a leader. While he is only 20-years-old, the future is bright for the future star and Minnesota.

Biggest Concern

Minnesota made a lot of mistakes in both this game and this series. In almost every loss Minnesota had against Memphis, they were leading for a majority of the game and fell apart at the end. Costly turnovers and fouls piled up while the defense lagged. The good news is that all of these problems are fixable. Minnesota is a young team without very much experience in the playoffs. A little more time, a little more studying, and these mistakes will disappear.

Number of the Night

3. Jaden McDaniels averaged 6.4 points in this series, but tonight he scored 24 points (shooting 8/9 and 5/6 from deep). McDaniels has had a rocky year filled with inconsistent play. The forward is still young, though, and he has sky-high potential. Next season, he doesn’t have to play the way he did tonight, although that would be great. Instead, if he focuses on his confidence and his consistency, he will take big steps towards becoming the key role player Minnesota needs. 

Next Game

Minnesota will be back next season, hopefully returning with even more strength.

Timberwolves’ Season Ends Quietly Timberwolves’ Season Ends Quietly Timberwolves’ Season Ends Quietly Timberwolves’ Season Ends Quietly

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