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With the addition of numerous players available to be traded on December 15th the NBA trade season has begun. After watching Dallas lose to the Lakers in overtime without Luka and Memphis win nine of ten without Ja Morant I have some thoughts. If the goal of both teams is to win it all why not deal their best players. I know it’s crazy but please indulge me.

First Dallas, if you keep Luka do you have enough to win the west, no. Luka Doncic, while a great player, has warts. Among them is his problem staying in shape. He’s still young and this has already happened, will this stop as he ages? If you were to deal him the players and picks you bring back can only make Dallas’ future better. Picture getting a star player another good player and draft picks. In the long haul would that be better for Dallas than where they are now.

Next Memphis, if they keep Morant is that enough to win the west, no. Keep in mind they’ve won nine of ten without him and their defensive rating was thirtieth in the league with Ja. In the last ten games they are a top five team defensively. With Ja out it has become Dillon Brooks‘ team. Dillon is a player that plays hard especially on the defensive end. Teams usually play like their best player and right now Dillon is their best player. Memphis like Dallas could get a great return on him and set themselves up for the future.

The fans in both cities would not be happy and there would be a backlash probably in ticket sales. Over the long haul winning cures that problem. People like a winner more than they like their star player. I doubt any general manager would have the courage to make trades like this but the key question is which path gives the team the best shot at winning a title.

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