Trade Thoughts

  1. Brooklyn Nets – This was a good deal for both teams. The Nets got someone that wanted to be on their team. They also got a knock down shooter in Seth Curry and a big body in Andre Drummond that will help against big centers like Embiid. The only problem I have is what happens when Ben Simmons goes to the line in the fourth quarter. He’s not someone you want with the ball in his hands at the end of a game.
  2. Philadelphia 76ers – Is James Harden still the dominating player he once was. His numbers declined with the Nets. Was that because of age or disinterest? In talking about this trade what bothers me is that players don’t honor their contract. The league needs to take issue and deal with it in the next CBA with this because this behavior doesn’t help gain new fans. It also doesn’t help when teams decide not to dress players and still pay them, see Wall, John.
  3. Charlotte HornetsMontrezl Harrell is an improvement but they still need more on the defensive end. This team has lost six a row and appears to have deeper problems. When a player, Bouknight, goes at a coach during a game there is trouble in paradise.
  4. Boston Celtics – The Celtics made two good trades however they now need either Aaron Nesmith or Payton Pritchard to become a solid bench player that can be counted on. If either gets there they become dangerous.
  5. Indiana Pacers – Getting Tyrese Haliburton is a good move but it’s rare that a partial rebuild solves problems especially when you aren’t close to the playoffs. The Pacers have a few pieces but need new bodies if for nothing else but to change attitudes.
  6. NY Knicks – No trades and their moves last summer don’t play to the strengths of their coach. Is there a problem between the front office and the coach.
  7. LA Lakers – The Lakers are in a deep hole that could take years to get out of. No draft picks, older players, no cap room and nobody tradeable besides Lebron and Davis. This is a problem.
  8. Dallas Mavericks – How the mighty have fallen. By that I mean Kristaps Porzingis‘ trade value.
  9. Washington Wizards – If Porzingis can play every night it can help but it seems that ship has sailed. Washington is gambling that he can play and Bradley Beal likes him and decides to stay.
  10. Portland Trail Blazers – Moving in a better direction but it will take time. Is the summer the right time to move Damian Lillard because keeping him as he ages will put a huge dent in their salary cap.
  11. New Orleans Pelicans – They made a good move getting CJ McCollum. If Zion Williamson returns healthy they become dangerous.
  12. Sacramento KingsDomantas Sabonis is good and he should help them but was that enough to change things. Remember this was a team that was losing by sixty two points a few weeks ago. Like Indiana players need to be moved to change attitudes.

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Trade Thoughts Trade Thoughts

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