Tyler Herro can be J.J. Reddick

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Tyler Herro can be J.J. Reddick. He can’t be Luka Doncic. Tyler said in a press conference once that he should be compared to Luka and other elite players. Tyler Herro is a very good shooter. Tyler Herro tries hard to defend. He can be a very good NBA player, but needs to reframe his career trajectory. The Miami Heat appear to be supportive of getting the most of Herro. They didn’t try to get any players in free agency to replace him. Look at my article here reporting on Heat free agency.

Tyler Herro = Luka Doncic (NOT)

Tyler Herro is not Luka Doncic. (Credit: MB Media/Seskim Photo/Getty Images)

Look at this article here from Bleacher Report that reported when Tyler made the comment. This was in 2021 and since then, Herro has shown that he is injury prone and hesitant to play physical to draw fouls. Look at this chart here posted on X.com by Jonathan Givony, Stats guy for ESPN. NBA players with negative wingspans are very rare. Herro is at the top of the list.

Doncic has a wingspan of 7’2″ for his 6’7″ frame. That is a major flag. He goes to the foul line twice more per game. Check out the breakdown here on basketball.realgm.com. Doncic is heavy enough to take physical contact and he doesn’t shy away from contact.

Tyler Herro = J.J. Redick

J.J. Redick is the comparable player to Tyler Herro. (Photo Credit: Corey Sipkin, New York Post)

Herro’s career and physical stats are more comparable to J.J. Redick. J.J. Redick was NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year twice. He became a deadly three point shooter and was sought after for many teams. J.J. Redick also has a negative wingspan (and knocked out a 14 year career.) Look at Givony’s scouting report here on Redick via the Wayback Machine. Redick was a sharpshooter, deadly at the free throw line, suspect defender, average to below average height.

What Redick has that is different from Herro is the ability to play off the ball. Look at this article here from SI.com, Dallas basketball fansite. 35.3% of his points came off of off-ball screens. In looking for percentages from Tyler Herro, this article here on miamiheatbeat.com gives good information. He was in the 31% percentile among guards in 2023 and 40% in 2022. Herro must improve this skill.

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