Victories for Victor!

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Victor Wembanyama wants victories! He dislikes losing.

Well, The San Antonio Spurs have their longest winning streak this campaign. They have bested the Phoenix Suns, Utah Jazz and New York Knicks for a 3 game winning streak.

Victor’s Era

Led by Victor Wembanyama it is a new era at the storied ball club. There was a long losing streak but it did offer a lot of hope for the future. All experience is good experience and help a team toward future success.

The San Antonio Spurs’ run of 7 wins in 15 is their best of the season. Victor appears to be getting stronger as the campaign has progressed. His performances might have changed the calculus about what the San Antonio Spurs might do in the off-season.

Victor’s Ingredients of Success

Victor has been a monster on both sides of the ball.

He has changed the schemes of probably all NBA teams.

One has to think twice about going to the rim when he is in the paint. Think twice about shooting from anywhere on the court if he is close. He can block any shot including 3 balls! And even if he is beaten on the first step he can recover to make up ground quickly so that the play is never over! He also is difficult to guard on offense. He can post up, hit mid range shots, shoot 3s and knock down free throws. It has often looked seemed that with a little more help the Spurs could have won many more games and be a contender to make the playoffs. One would expect more wins as Victor gains more experience.

Victor’s League

Victor is already arguably the best defender in the league.

He has very few weaknesses (if any) in his game. It does seem that he could get himself easier baskets by working in the post more. I expect this to larger part of his game in the future. If we add his personal strengths and mindset to his seemingly limitless basketball potential one would expect he could very well reach the top of the game. He is on course to be the best player in the league. Teams with the best player in the league usually compete for Championships.

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