Welcome back NBA!!

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What a game! Was it worth waiting four months to see, eh – that’s debatable. Was it a great game, on that there is no debate! Let’s break it down in a quick, high level recap.

First Half

Lakers looked great to start the game and dominated in the first quarter. Second quarter was when the Clippers decided to show up. LeBron James struggled and the Lakers were only in this game because Anthony Davis was unstoppable and hitting every shot he decided to put up. The Lakers were up, but the Clippers had the momentum.

Second Half

The Clippers came out of halftime on a mission. They bulldozed the Lakers who looked as lost and out of sorts as the Clippers did to start the game. Then, Anthony Davis happened. He dominated, again and the Clippers had no answer. To start the fourth Coach Vogel rested his superstar and hoped his other all-world player would bring this game home. LeBron, who had changed sneakers at halftime in an effort to wake himself up out of his first half funk, began to take charge. Regardless of his age, when LBJ wants to lock you down defensively, consider yourself locked down.

In the final minutes it was an amazing defensive play by Alex Caruso that set up a put back shot by King James. Then, the Clippers had a chance to tie or win with plenty of time on the clock LeBron James decided to lock players down. Did we mention what happens when he decides to do that? Kawhi Leonard came first. He drove to the hoop and was stopped in an awkward position just inside the free throw line by LBJ. Leonard passed the ball to the other Clippers star, Paul George. LeBron figured, eh – I’ll just lock him down too. So, he did. George put up a shot that had no chance to go in.

LeBron James won this game with a putback and lock down defense on the two best players the Clippers have.

What.A.Game! Welcome back NBA! Welcome back Clippers! Welcome back Lakers. You were all missed!

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