Western Conference Power Rankings – Week 4

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You have to feel for the Phoenix Suns. Last week they topped the Power Rankings and were, to many, the surprise team in the Association. This week should have been the week they were given the opportunity to prove they belonged in the top spot. Instead, three of their four games were postponed. In this way, they are the Boston Celtics of the Western Conference. Unfortunately for them, they lost the only game they played in week 4 to the Washington Wizards dropping them out of the top spot. Things are starting to settle with less movement up and down the rankings, as should be expected.

The Los Angeles Clippers made their way back tot he top spot on the strength of their quality wins. Los Angeles Lakers fans might be bothered seeing their team at #2, but the Lakers have only a 1-2 record against quality teams. In fact, the last quality team they faced was the Portland Trailblazers in week 2 in a game they lost. Fear not however! The Lakers are beating everyone else and have a nice test in week 5 with a game against the Milwaukee Bucks!

Biggest movers

Memphis Grizzlies


Portland Trailblazers


Utah Jazz


Biggest Droppers


Golden State Warriors


Dallas Mavericks


Sacramento Kings


The Memphis Grizzlies were the big mover this week. They played the majority of their games without Ja Morant and still managed to go 3-0 with one game postponed. Their victory against the Philadelphia 76ers being the most impressive! Might the Grizz be this seasons surprise team out of the Western Conference? The Portland Trailblazers are no surprise team. In fact, they were picked by some to come out of the Western Conference this season. They went 3-1 this week with Dame Lillard averaging 30 ppg. Finally, the Utah Jazz inched up 3 spots, again. They did the same last week. This week they went 3-0 with a game postponed.

The Golden State Warriors finished last week strong with a victory over the Toronto Raptors. Any hopes of riding that momentum into this week was gone with a loss to the Indiana Pacers to start the week. The Warriors ended 0-2 with one game postponed. The Dallas Mavericks are an interesting lot. In Luka Doncic they have a player with MVP potential. When they added Kristaps Porzingis the thought was that they had two pillars to build on. This season the building process has been stalled. The Mavs went 1-2 this week with one game postponed. Speaking of two pillars to build on , the Sacramento Kings may have found their duo in De’Aaron Fox (20.5 ppg 5.8 apg.) and rookie Tyrese Haliburton (11.1 ppg 5.3 apg). Of course, as the Mavericks will tell you, it takes time to build. Kings fans are no doubt just happy to have a duo worth talking and getting excited about! They wet 1-3 this week, but better days might be ahead!

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