What To Make of The Hawks Streak

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The Hawks have won five straight games. It has taken them the whole season for them to finally get over .500 after having high expectations coming off last year. Is the winning streak the real Hawks or what they have done up to the streak the real Hawks. Let’s look at the numbers to decide.

Defense Leads, Or Does It?

Most teams that go on streaks usually improve their defense and that fuels their streak. Take for example the Boston Celtics. During their streak over the last two months they have been on top or close to the top in most defensive categories.The Hawks though have improved on the offensive end. For the year, their defensive effective field goal rating has been 54.4%, during the streak their opponents have exceeded that percentage three of the five games they’ve won. In this streak they have allowed 114.6 points per game, for the year 114.8. I could go deeper into their defensive stats but they will show you they have not had much of an improvement defensively.

Hawks Have Been Offensive!

It’s the offense that shows the improvement and it’s fueled by Trae Young. So far this year the Hawks average 116 points per one hundred possessions. In the streak it’s 128.5. As a team they are scoring 128.4 points per game during this streak. Trae Young has been the leader over the last five games averaging 30.8 points per game and 11.6 assists. These numbers even for him are outstanding as he’s the driving force behind the streak.

During the Hawk’s streak they have scored over one hundred twenty-one points in each of the five games. They have broken one hundred thirty in three of the five games. Their high was one hundred thirty-six. Though the Hawks have quite a few talented offensive players these numbers are off the charts.

Defying Logic

When thinking about the Hawks and whether they are about to make another run in the playoffs, consider this. It is unusual when a team turns it around through their offensive production. Coaches will tell you that defense wins games for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is because everyone is working together, connected, as a team. Can the Hawks defy this and go on another playoff run with their offense as the driving force, we’ll see.

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