Will Ben Simmons Grow Or Continue His Downfall


Ben Simmons is one of the most controversial players in the league, when it comes to his future success.

His downfall started in the 2021 playoffs, specifically in game 7 vs the Atlanta Hawks. His infamous pass came from this game. That’s when he spun under the rim and gave up the open finish to pass to his teammate. The 76s ended up losing this game 103-96, and from there on Simmons has never looked the same.

Before his downfall, he was an issue for any opposing team. His size (6 ’10) and agility on the court was unmatched. He was a 3x All NBA Player, but aside from this season he hasn’t even been putting up good role player numbers. His main struggle comes from his confidence on the court; he hasn’t been his old MVP caliber self since the 2010’s.  

My Outlook On Simmons Success

I think Simmons, despite all the hate and backlash he has been receiving, can and will come back and grow as a player. He was at his absolute lowest the past few seasons with the Nets. I feel that there is only up for him. His growth is being shown in the numbers. His current stats are 7.4 pts, 10.0 rbs, 7.2 ast and is also averaging 1.0 blk per game.

These numbers aren’t the most impressive in the league but it is a near triple double nonetheless. Game by game I feel his confidence is growing. I feel when healthy and confident he can easily average a triple double. He just needs to overcome his confidence issue and realize that he could be one of the best players not just on the Nets but in the League as a whole. 

“There’s no doubt in my mind that we haven’t seen the best of him yet” and “he’s already making a significant impact on the game.” said by fellow PeachBasket writer Jordan Leturgez. I couldn’t agree more with these statements, he just needs to focus and keep getting better. On paper he can be one of the best in the league, but that isn’t just going to come to him overnight. 

He needs to keep focusing and working to tweak the little things; and if he does he will be a straight beast that players would have to sigh and say “I guess I have to guard him”.

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