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Write with us!

thePeachBasket started as a passion project by someone who fell in love with writing after contributing to BleacherReport, the LA Times and others. Our goal is to provide a platform for all passionate basketball fans. We are now and will always be a Voice of the Fan!(tm)

Our team is growing and is made up of a diverse group of passionate fans from literally all around the world! Are you the person all your friends come to for basketball news/opinions? Do you get excited at the sound of sneakers squeaking and the splash of a swish? If that is you and you want to take your fandom up a level then write with us!

Writers are grouped into one of three categories.

Roving Reporter is someone that can’t commit to a set number of posts, but still loves the game. This is a good role if you are curious about writing but aren’t sure about the process. The only ask from us if this is where you see yourself is that you contribute at least one article a month.

The next category is Lead Writer. As a lead writer you will be assigned to a team and work with that group of writers to create content. A lead writer might do pre-game and post-game articles, opinion pieces and generally anything you might have an interest in that is basketball related. A Lead Writer would be expected to contribute at least one article a week.

Our top level writers are our Fan Experts! Fan Experts have proven themselves as Lead Writers and are free to write whatever basketball related articles they want. While a Lead Writer may join us on a podcast or stream, it is the Fan Experts that are expected to move beyond just print. As a Fan Expert you would be expected to contribute at least one article a week and be available for podcasts and streams.

We are proud of our site and equally proud of the fact that it has grown every season. The 2021-22 season promises to be our best one yet! In addition to a commitment to tirelessly promote your work we offer the following.

So, what’s next? If you are a passionate basketball fan with an interest in writing and have made it all the way to this sentence in this very long ad, you are ready for the next step! Please complete this very short form. We will need to see a writing sample and want to know what role you see yourself in. After that, we will reach out.

Thank you again for your interest in writing with us!

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Interested in joining the crew?

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Whether you’re a WordPress buccaneer or a landlubber looking to get your sea legs, we’d love to hear about your adventure.

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