13 rules: NBA Random Thoughts

13 Rules NBA Random Thoughts

The game we love started with 13 rules. Incredibly, most of these rules that were published in 1892, are still applicable today! Read the original rules for Basket Ball (as it was called then) here.

NBA Random Thoughts: Eastern Conference

  • James Harden, what can you say. It happens all the time in professional sports. A great player in decline that over values himself. What he doesn’t understand is that when he isn’t the great player anymore because of his antics no team will want him. That means he’s losing a great deal money.
  • I like the Knicks as the third best team in the Eastern Conference. After watching them in the preseason I’m not as sure as I was. They struggled to defend in the preseason and just seemed like they weren’t in sync.
  • Toronto, what are you trying to do. You lost Fred VanVleet and Pascal Siakam and OG Anunoby are in the last years of their contract. They aren’t trying to trade or sign either as yet. The team is stuck in the middle of the East and appears to be headed downward.
  • The Celtics dealing Marcus Smart, Malcolm Brogdon and losing Grant Williams in free agency makes you wonder. Each of those players seemed to be in conflict with Joe Mazzulla at one time or another during the season. With each gone it is now more Mazzulla’s team.
  • The Nets using Nic Claxton and Ben Simmons at the same time violates an unofficial NBA rule. Never use two players that aren’t good offensive players play at the same time. I’m curious about if the Nets use Simmons in the fourth quarter.

NBA Random Thoughts: Western Conference

I don’t think you’ll take the Lakers

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