Celtics Acquiring Porzingis: Pros and Cons

Celtics Acquiring Porzingis: Pros and Cons

TweetShareEmailRedditWhatsApp0 SharesPer multiple sources, the Boston Celtics are close to acquiring Kristaps Porzingis. The deal is a three teamer said to include the Washington Wizards and Los Angeles Clippers along with the Celtics. Unfortunately the Celtics would be giving up Malcolm Brogdon who will be sent to the Clippers. The Clippers would send Marcus Morris, […]

One change can make a big difference

TweetShareEmailRedditWhatsApp0 SharesA stat that was brought up a lot last season was Bradley Beal’s three point shooting percentage. During the 2021-2022 season, Beal shot a career low 30 percent from long range. Prior to last season, Beal had never shot below 35 percent from three. So the sudden drop to 30 percent was odd. But […]

Time heals everything

TweetShareEmailRedditWhatsApp0 SharesGilbert Arenas was worried that he was going to receive some boos from the crowd during the halftime celebration. I was in attendance for last night’s game, and let me tell you something. I did not hear one boo from any part of the arena. When Arenas was introduced, he received the biggest standing […]

Four game winning streak

TweetShareEmailRedditWhatsApp0 SharesThe Washington Wizards went on a four game winning streak without Bradley Beal. That is a good thing in my opinion. That means the team has enough depth to compete without Beal. Guys stepped up and had big games. In the perfect world, that is the type of roster you want. When one player […]

Missed shots can be contagious

TweetShareEmailRedditWhatsApp0 SharesAs I mentioned on Monday , the Washington Wizards are not a good offensive team at the moment. A large part of the reason is their three point shooting. Washington is currently shooting 30% from beyond the arc this season according to StatMuse. Which is second to last in the NBA. Only the Oklahoma […]

Johnny Davis recalled from G League

TweetShareEmailRedditWhatsApp0 SharesAfter a 2 game stint in the G league, Johnny Davis will rejoin the Washington Wizards on Monday in Charlotte. After playing limited minutes in Friday’s loss to the Brooklyn Nets, Davis was assigned to the Capital City Go-Go.  In his G league debut Davis scored 13 points, but shot 3 for 13 from […]

I still believe in Johnny Davis

TweetShareEmailRedditWhatsApp0 SharesJohnny Davis has struggled mightily early in his rookie season. Everyone knows that. But I still believe that Davis will eventually find his footing in the NBA. When Davis was drafted, ESPN mentioned two strengths of his game. Those strengths are toughness and scoring versatility. Two strengths that always translate well to the NBA. […]

Bradley Beal: Stats won’t be everything

TweetShareEmailRedditWhatsApp0 SharesIn four games, Bradley Beal is currently averaging 20.5 points per game. Which technically is a drop off from last season. Where Beal averaged 23.2 points per game. It is also technically a big drop off from the 31.3 points per game Beal averaged during the 2021 season. It is easy to say Beal […]

Washington Wizards: I have to be honest

TweetShareEmailRedditWhatsApp0 SharesWhen early October arrives, I get excited for the upcoming Wizards season. For the most part I am an optimistic fan. Even if the Wizards are not projected to do well, I still find something to be positive about. But I have to be honest. I am not all that excited for the upcoming […]

Did Beal really decline last season?

TweetShareEmailRedditWhatsApp0 SharesIf we are relying on Beal’s career stats, yes he did decline last season. A 8 point drop in points per game (31.3 ppg to 23.2 ppg) is a noticeable drop. But do basic box score stats always tell the complete story? For the most part they don’t. In my opinion, Beal didn’t really […]