Charlotte Hornets

Despite having the NBA’s best record, the defending Eastern Conference champion Boston Celtics can still use some external help. A

A strong second half pushes the Hornets past the Trail Blazers on Halloween Night to get them to their 5th

It’s Halloween in Charlotte, and the Hornets look to bounce back against the daunting duo of Damian Lillard and CJ

The Hornets came into Miami looking to improve their best start since 2016 against the Heat. However, a -23 rebound

Despite a late surge in the fourth, the Charlotte Hornets (33-36) were outclassed by the Denver Nuggets (45-24), 117-112 at

The Charlotte Hornets (33-35) lose in clutch time over the New Orleans Pelicans (31-37), 110-112 at Spectrum Center. This loss

The Charlotte Hornets (33-34) prevail against the Orlando Magic (21-46), 122-112 at Spectrum Center. Not going to lie, It wasn’t

The Charlotte Hornets (32-33) clinch a tight-knit victory against the Detroit Pistons (19-47) 102-99 at Little Caesars Arena. At the

He’s back, baby! The Charlotte Hornets (31-32) come up big against the Detroit Pistons (19-45) 107-94 at Spectrum Center. It

It was a much-needed win for the Hornets (29-30) as they rallied against the Cleveland Cavaliers (21-38), 108-102 at Spectrum