13 Rules : Random NBA Thoughts

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  1. Draymond Green, a future Hall of Famer, is at it again. Green’s antics are beginning to wear everybody out. It’s becoming Draymond vs. the world. It seems like Draymond is trying to intimidate his way through the NBA. Then his uses his podcast to tell you he’s innocent after a misdeed. True NBA fans just want him to play and appreciate his ability not continue the Draymond vs. the world theatrics. The shame of this is if he just played basketball people would realize how special a player he is.
  2. The Indianapolis Pacers play a fun fast paced game that is good to watch. They can score with anybody and Tyrese Haliburton is really good. The problem is if they get to the playoffs their inability to defend will hurt them.
  3. If you haven’t heard much about him, begin to follow Alperen Sengun. Thus far this year he’s averaging 19.4 points per game, 8.2 rebounds and 6.0 assists. The six assists are from a 6’11” center. He’s becoming a key reason Houston is suddenly quite competitive.
  4. Zach LaVine wants out of Chicago. The Bulls are struggling with a 4-8 record. This year he’s making over $37 million. His contract has four more years topping out in the 26-27 season with a player option at almost $49 million. That’s a lot of money for a good player that has struggled to be part of a winning team.
  5. As a basketball fan I enjoy, though don’t root for, watching the New York Knicks. Tom Thibodeau gets everything possible out of their talent. The team plays hard every night, defends, is always prepared and never gives up. These are attributes most coaches would love their teams to have.
  6. Zion Williamson has made some comments about his role with the New Orleans Pelicans. Basically he is having problems with his role on the Pelicans. Zion is really talented but has not been available as often as New Orleans would like. Over the last three years he has played in one hundred fourteen out of two hundred forty six games. Instead of being frustrated show everybody how good you are by staying healthy and playing.
  7. Golden State has had a great run and a modern day dynasty but are they still considered a potential championship team. They may not be championship caliber but the one thing I’ve learned is never question Steph’s ability to lead.

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