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13 Rules Injuries
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This Week’s injuries

  1. As I write this on Thursday afternoon the news of Karl-Anthony Towns knee injury is just being talked about. We don’t know how bad it is or how the injury affects the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Wolves have exceeded expectations this year. But if his injury is long term it doesn’t look good for his team. Towns is a good offensive player and his loss, if he is out long term, puts more pressure on Anthony Edwards and ultimately dims any hope for the Wolves to go very far in the playoffs this year.
  2. I want to like the Phoenix Suns as a team. But the realization that repeated games not played by their big three, (Bradley Beal, Kevin Durant and Devin Booker) are injuries that affect their ability to play together cohesively. My question is if this affects the Suns in the playoffs what moves will Matt Ishbia make this summer. Ishbia, a new owner, has demonstrated little patience with process and appears to want results, now.
  3. Don’t kid yourself Russell Westbrook‘s injury affects the LA Clippers in a big way. Westbrook had embraced his sixth man role and been very effective doing it. Westbrook’s energy and ability to always go full throttle when on the court have a positive effect on his team. Every teams needs what Westbrook has been delivering.
  4. Scottie Barnes‘ injury affects the Toronto Raptors in a different way. The Raptors appeared to be a team that was playing a bit better after the All Star break and had an outside chance to make the play in game. Now it’s looking like Toronto will see what they have and see what they need to add in the offseason. I especially like Grady Dick’s offensive game.
  5. Next let’s look at Ben Simmons and see how his injury affects not his team but him. Simmons, if you haven’t heard, is out for the season. He now will have only next year on his contract and it’s worth forty million. For the Nets it’s been a nightmare since they acquired him. For Simmons he needs to make some choices before next year.

    First, he needs to decide if he likes basketball. He has made enough money so he will be set for the rest of his life if he doesn’t want to play. If he decides he wants to play after next year, he needs to get whatever treatment including surgery if necessary and get in the best shape of his life. He not only needs to play well next year as well as he did with the 76ers but also stay healthy and play a good number of games. Even if he does play well it will be hard to find a team that will pay him a large sum of money for any length of time.

Two Random Thoughts

  1. Don’t look now but here comes Denver. With the west loaded with good teams the Nuggets have to be the favorite to come out of the division. The only question I have is whether their bench is good enough to win it all. Losing Bruce Brown and Jeff Green to free agency has taken a toll on their bench.
  2. In watching games over the last few weeks it seemed like the officials were letting the players play, calling less fouls. I just read that over the last month or so the officials have called less fouls. The NBA seems to be concerned with to many points being scored this year. I understand it but I hope the lack of calls doesn’t lead to future altercations.
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