13 Rules: Random NBA Thoughts

13 Rules Hopes
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Hopes for the Future: Eastern Conference

  • The New York Knicks hopes for the future are real good. They should be a title contender over the next few years. Jalen Brunson is an outstanding player that will receive votes as the league MVP this year. The Knicks have draft picks they can use to get one more player. A word of caution to the Knicks, don’t spend max money or near max money on OG Anunoby. I know the Knick record when he’s in the lineup but I ask you this, does he have an offensive game to go with his defense. Alex Caruso is making almost ten million and Marcus Smart is at a little less than twenty million. Is Anunoby worth more than these two outstanding defenders. Anunoby does have the ability to guard anyone but so did Smart.
  • The Brooklyn Nets have problems. Their hopes for the future aren’t good. The team was built in a strange way. They have a collection of wings some pretty good but expecting Mikal Bridges to be a star was a mistake. Bridges would be a great number three man on a good team and a decent second player but he’s not a star. The team has little size and with Nic Clayton a pending free agent they could lose most of that size. Their coaching situation also needs to be resolved and when you watch them they look like they are going through the motions.
  • The Washington Wizards are a dumpster fire. They have the worst record in the league, many of their players are injured and are just playing out the schedule. They need a coach but worse than that it seems they have no plan. Their hopes for the future are bleak.

Hope for the Future: Western Conference

  • The Houston Rockets hopes for the future are good. Like he did with Boston, Ime Udoka‘s Rockets are improving as the season progresses. They are eight and two over their last ten games winning six in a row, part of this is being accomplished without their best player, Alperen Sengun.
  • Speaking of the Rockets, Jalen Green‘s hopes for the future are definitely looking up. Over his last ten games he’s averaging 27.3 points per game. For a while it looked like he may be a bust but he is starting to figure it out. He and Sengun will be a nice combo and something to build around when Sengun get’s healthy.

Random Thoughts

  • Why do teams pay big money to older players when they don’t play as often and appear to be on the down side of their careers. Take for example Bradley Beal. Beal has played forty games this season. His contract is for over fifty million a year through the 26-27 season.
  • JB Bickerstaff’s talk about threats he received from gamblers is a warning to professional sports. I don’t know what can be done about this as you can’t put toothpaste back in the tube. Once the league partnered with gambling sites it’s difficult to go back to the old days. In sports money is the name of the game and in politics money is also the name of the game and sports put a lot of money in state’s coffers. Sports leagues must do something particularly college sports as they seem to be most in danger of a gambling scandal.
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