A New Era led by Victor Wembanyama

Gregg Popovich and VIctor Wembanyama seeking to continue consistent excellence at San Antonio
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Consistent Excellence

The last time the San Antonio Spurs made the playoffs they had a winning record against every team in the NBA. They share the longest playoff streak at 22 (tied with the Philadelphia 76ers). They won 5 NBA Championships during their run. It was almost 6 with the 2013 loss but that was avenged in 2014. They set the standard for consistent excellence in the NBA.

Reigning Supreme

Gregg Popovich has been the coach for 28 years. In the English Premier League there was Sir Alex Ferguson who reigned over Manchester United for 26 seasons. In fact both men have striking similarities.


Both believe in a strong democratic team; beautiful exciting play that shows the full power of team work. Sharing in sport as a model of how we can live as human beings. Both men are known as tough task masters with hot tempers but known to also be gentle and kind. Strong men. Leaders. Innovators. Popovich’s innovations are too numerous to list. But we perhaps saw his approach at its zenith in 2014; The beautiful game. Like Sir Alex Ferguson he has moulded the club in his image with its own style and culture. He appears immune from the instability of most coaches. He can leave at a time of his own choosing. Sir Alex Fergusion retired a decade ago. But Popovich is still going. Post Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Kawhi Leonard, the Spurs still made the playoffs.

The Long Game

But The San Antonio Spurs have not made the playoffs since 2019 and had been trading away their best players. The San Antonio Spurs built up a lot of assets. In 2023 the San Antonio Spurs earned the right to select the No.1 draft pick. Their first since Tim Duncan.

The Wily Old Master

They selected Victor Wembanyama. Touted as one of the hottest prospects to enter the NBA. The selection likely led to a wry smile from many. Perhaps even Popovitch himself in his quiet moments. A nod to the wily old master securing a bright new future for his team.

Victor feels like a Spur

The San Antonio Spurs began 3-2 but have since lost 12 straight and fallen to 3-14. Many games were close but this happens with young teams. However Victor has shown that we are likely to see plays from him each night that seem new and exciting. They just look different coming from a 7ft 5in, 19 year old! He feels like a San Antonio Spur in the way he carries himself. The future looks bright for the San Antonio Spurs. After all they have Victor Wembanyama. The young player any team would want. Above all he has Gregg Popovich. The coach that can make him a Champion.

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