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24 second version (Short Version)

We exist to amplify the voice of passionate fans basketball worldwide! 

Voice of the Fan! means we do everything we can to provide fans with content on their team and those who want to create with a platform to be seen!

All Four quarters (Long Version)

Jose Salviati fell in love with with basketball in High School. His love of writing came later. When he started writing it was easy to start contributing for sites with large followings. Today, those opportunities aren’t as plentiful. thePeachBasket was created to be that place! A place where passionate fans come to stay up to date with the game they love and to contribute should they be so inclined.

Today thePeachBasket is the only site that works to provide fans with a passion for the game and a desire to create content with a platform to explore and eventually to self post. The quicker your work gets posted, the better!

Are you the person your friends come to for you thoughts on a recent trade? Do you stay up late, or wake up early, to catch Team USA play? Can you name every player on your favorite team along with the coaching staff? If so, chances are you are a Fan Expert™. If you want to write about your team, join us! If you want to talk about your team, join us! You are what makes our site different. 

If you want to write, we have a spot for you. If you want to contribute on social media, creating podcasts, videos or any combination we have all the tools needed for you to get started. In short, if you are passionate about basketball and have been curious about creating content then we want to hear from you. In addition to the above we continue to grow our partnerships. We work with each partner to ensure your content is promoted and seen.

If you want content created by passionate basketball fans, we are the site for you. If you want to create some of that content, then click here and introduce yourself. Its tip-off time! Lace ’em up tight and get in the game!

We are more than just a website. We are a community of like-minded, passionate basketball fans who love the game!

Mission Statement

  • We believe
    • Every basketball fan deserves a place to share their passion
    • The best basketball analysts aren’t all on TV
  • We are
    • Committed to promoting and elevating the voice of all passionate basketball fans
    • A safe place for NBA fans to respectfully talk up their team
  • We will
    • Deliver unique basketball content across multiple platforms
    • Always be about the game of basketball at all levels

Our writers have written for some of the biggest sports sites including Bleacher Report, FanSided and even the LA Times. Sure, the LA Times isn’t just a sports site, but it’s a pretty big deal! Our focus now is on increasing our visibility to fans like you a voice. We exist to be a platform for you!

What we offer

  • A growing website to post your written content
  • An active community of like-minded sports fans
  • A self learning platform we call Naismith Academy to get you up to speed and creating as quickly as possible!
  • Partnership with a growing podcast network
  • Access to software for video streaming, image editing, advanced stats and more.
  • An ownership team dedicated to growing the site!
  • Adding more and more as we continue to grow

Frequently Asked Questions