An Honest breakdown of the Pacers & Kings trade

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| By Devon Zobatar | March 10th, 2022 | NBA, Eastern Conference, Western Conference

Almost a month after the trade deadline, the Indiana Pacers possibly made the biggest blockbuster move of the day. The Indiana Pacers acquired Tyrese Haliburton and Buddy Hield while the Sacramento Kings will get Domantas Sabonis, Justin Holiday and Jeremy Lamb. Trading a future star in Haliburton and an elite three-point shooter in Hield for Domas Sabonis who’s a two -time all-star makes some people think that this was a pretty good trade. Others would disagree thinking the trade was totally lopsided for Indiana. With a month of data and games, I gonna break down who really won this trade!

Why would Sacramento Kings make this trade? the honest breakdown

I’ve never seen a team look so desperate to make a play-in spot before. Since the trade, Sacramento Kings record is 3-8 and currently 4 games back from a play-in game sitting 13th in the western conference. Yes Domas Sabonis was the best player in Indiana but you acquired a guy who can’t shoot. Your second star De’Aaron Fox can’t shoot. So you plan to build a team with two none shooters. And guess what, the rest of the roster can’t shoot. The Kings only have one guy who’s shooting over 33% from three which is Harrison Barnes. This doesn’t make sense. Sacramento Kings this is embarrassing.

Trading away Tyrese Haliburton was probably the dumbest move you could make Sacramento. He was your best player by far this season. He’s a excellent young point guard who I could shoot , pass and play defence. Even better, he was loyal to the franchise and wanted to change the years of embarrassment Sacramento have to face. Not only you traded away Tyrese Haliburton, you guys gave up one of most elite 3-shooters in the league in Buddy Hield too. Like come on, what were you think Monte McNair ( Kings GM)? it’s been 16 years since Sacramento made the playoffs and to be honest, I won’t be surprised if it takes Sacramento another 10 years to make it.

Why would Indiana Pacers make this trade? the honest breakdown

Shoutout to the Indiana Pacers General Manger Kevin Pritchard and whole front office for absolutely robbing the Sacramento Kings. Acquiring Tyrese Haliburton and Buddy Hield for Domas Sabonis who’s barely a top 25 in the league and couple role payers was a great move for Indiana. Since Acquiring Tyrese Haliburton he’s been amazing. In 11 games, he’s averaging 19 points – 2 steals- 9.5 assists and almost shooting 50-40-90. I like to consider players like Tyrese Halibuton as triple threat player. He can shoot, pass and play good defence. Those type of players are a luxury to have in your rotation. If I was a general manger, I would never trade away players like Tryese Haliburton. I like Haliburton so much, I think he be your first or second best player on a title contender team.

As for right now Indiana Pacers back court looks great. A duo of Tyrese Haliburton and Malcom Brogan seems like a fun backcourt. They can both shoot great, both are able to make plays and both can play defence. While you got those two on the starting back court, Buddy Hield can come off the bench and give you great shooting. Indiana Pacers have a great young core to build with. Myles Turner, Buddy Hield, Malcolm Brogdan, Chris Duarte and Tyrese Haliburton to lead the way. The future is bright in Indiana.

Overall winners of the trade? The honest breakdown

It’s clear the Indiana Pacers won this trade. It’s laughable how the Kings general manger Monte McNair can give up a future star in Tyrese Haliburton and an Elite shooter in Buddy Hield for a guy who’s not even a top 25 player in the league. I know both of the teams records are bad right now but give it time. By next season I could see Indiana being a low seeded playoff team while I see Sacramento a lottery team. Sorry Kings fans you guys had the potential to be something special before this trade but It’s too bad that your front office ruined those chances again for you guys.

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An Honest breakdown An Honest breakdown An Honest breakdown An Honest breakdown

2 Responses

  1. I agree the Kings kind of got fleeced in this trade. It didn’t even take a month for Haliburton to become the best player in the trade. Sacramento could salvage the trade by adding players that fit around Sabonis and maybe a new coach can maximize the fit between him and Fox. Its going to be tough though with no shooters on the roster. There is still some long term potential with building around Sabonis, but the Kings failed in the short term. No way they make the playoffs with this roster.

  2. Completely disagree. While SAC does now lack shooters, Sabonis and Fox have been playing really good together, Fox is now consistently dropping 30 and Sabonis has been averaging a double double with the Kings. Haliburton has been playing well as well with the Pacers, but I believe it’s more because he’s on a better team that can utilize him better. Both teams face off on the 23rd, so lets see what happens (Though Sabonis will likely be out due to a knee injury)

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