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Indiana Pacers NBA Trade Recap #1

Trade Anatomy Indiana Pacers – What I Like

Although Indiana gave up the best player in the deal in Domantas Sabonis, I believe Haliburton will be the better player once he reaches his potential. Haliburton is a very talented player with a modern skill set. He is a more than capable shot maker (eFG 54.3%, 41.3% 3pt) and playmaker (7.4 apg, 2.3 tov). Simply put he makes the team around him better. In 13 games without De’aaron Fox this year Tyrese has put up big numbers as the lead playmaker. He averaged 19.5 ppg, 9.7 apg (to 3.5 tov) and 4.0 rpg…those are Chris Paul type numbers. There really aren’t many players in the league with that type of passing and shooting ability, but Haliburton is one of them.

Buddy Hield will add shooting to the roster, he is one of the league best 3pt shooters 40.0% for his career. He can be used as a trade piece or make other guards like Malcolm Brogdon and TJ Warren expendable. Tristen Thompson will serve as rebounder and rotational big while Myles Turner is out.

The Pacers Philosophy

This trade represent how Indiana Pacers Coach Rick Carlisle and front office man Kevin Pritchard are aligned in the way they want to build the team. Carlisle prefers a perimeter oriented 5 out offense that values 3pt shooting and clears the paint. He is one of the more analytically heavy coaches in the NBA right now. This explains why the team preferred to keep Myles Turner over Domantas Sabonis. Turner has a career 3pt % above 35% and is an elite rim protector. Sabonis does not offer consistent 3pt shooting or rim protection. Carlisle illuminated his preference for the 3 ball last year in rant about the lack of post ups for Kristaps Porzingus. Carlisle went on the say,

The post-up just isn’t a good play anymore. It just isn’t a good play. It’s not a good play for a 7-3 guy. It’s a low-value situation. Our numbers are very substantial that when he spaces beyond the 3-point line, you know, we’re a historically good offensive team. And when any of our guys go in there, our effectiveness is diminished exponentially. It’s counterintuitive, I understand that, but it’s a fact. I think that there’s certain situations it makes sense. If we can get him on a roll in the paint going toward the rim, that’s a good situation. And that’s what we’re looking to do with all our guys.

The Sporting News

Full rant below

Aside from Haliburton and Hield he team has a ton of strong shooters on the wing such as; T.J. Warren, Chris Duarte, Malcolm Brogdon. Expect the Pacers to be near the top of the league in 3pt attempts during the Rick Carlisle Era

Trade Anatomy Indiana Pacers – What I Don’t Like

Losing your best player is never good, but the Pacers got back a even younger star with more potential. Unless Sabonis truly turns into Nikola Jokic 2.0 (which I don’t see happening) I think this trade should turn out great for Indiana.

Indian Pacers NBA Trade Recap #2

  • Indiana Pacers receive: Ricky Rubio, a lottery protected 1st round pick and a 2nd round pick
  • Cleveland Cavaliers receive: Caris LeVert and a 2nd round pick

Trade Anatomy Indiana Pacers – What I Like

It was time for Indiana to move on from LeVert, he simply wasn’t available enough for them. The stellar play of rookie Chris Duarte made him expendable. Ricky Rubio is a great back up point guard that gets others involved and plays hard nosed defense.

Trade Anatomy Indiana Pacers – What I Don’t Like

There were a lot of teams making offers for LeVert, I believe the Pacers could have got better compensation if they waited until closer to the deadline. There had to be another team out there that would offer at least an unprotected 1st round pick.

Indiana’s Next Move

I think Indiana will look to add a stretch 4 in the offseason. Someone like Jerami Grant would be a great fit for what Rick Carlisle likes to do. The Pacers have the assets to trade for a player of his caliber. They could also target some cheaper options like Harrison Barnes or Danilo Gallinari.

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Trade Anatomy Indiana Pacers Trade Anatomy Indiana Pacers Trade Anatomy Indiana Pacers

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