Atlanta Hawks soar past Houston Rockets

Despite the Houston Rockets making a run and with trade rumors swirling, the Atlanta Hawks were able to still pull away with the win. The Rockets were getting attacked by the Hawks pick and roll scoring to the basket. That led Atlanta Into the second half with a 23 lead. The Houston Rockets stepped up their offense after that to cut the deficit to two. In the end, it wasn’t enough. This win gives Atlanta a 6 game winning streak. John Collins, who is rumored to be available to trade continued to perform well with 20pts and 10rbs. Why is that under consideration? The Houston Rockets are heading in the other direction on a 17 game losing streak.

Star Of The Game

Danilo Gallinari really took advantage of the Houston Rockets poor defensive effort. He exceeded his points per game clocking in at 29 points going 10-14 from the field. He really got himself going outside the three point line shooting 5-8. Gallinari was also able to double his rebounds that he averages per game going from 3 to 6. Danilo Gallinari is becoming a consistent scorer that the Atlanta Hawks can begin to rely on.

Biggest Concern

Even though the Atlanta Hawks were able to pull off the win against Houston finishing the game could possibly be an issue. They were up as much as 23 going into the second half and ended letting their opponents come back giving them a chance to compete. Currently the Atlanta Hawks are 7th in the Eastern Conference. If having success in the payoffs is what they intend on, not allowing teams to come back within stretched deficits would have to be a factor. The Hawks must continue focusing on moving the ball to create shots utilizing each player on the court.

Surprise Contributor

Tony Snell was able to show more of what he’s capable of against the Houston Rockets. This was one of Snell’s best shooting performances that he’s had in a while with 5-7 attempts. This showing not only ignited the Atlanta Hawks but tripled his points per game this season. He displays how unselfish of a teammate that he is. By moving the ball Tony Snell recorded 5 assists. which is 4 more than what he normally averages per game.

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Vs. Oklahoma City Thunder, Thursday March 18 at 4:30PM Pacific

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Hawks Soar Hawks Soar

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