Atlanta Hawks win no 2 vs Miami Heat


The Atlanta Hawks are now 15-20 in the Eastern Conference. They beat The Miami Heat (17-18) in Tuesdays matchup. Not only did they make adjustments in their play but head coach Lloyd Pierce was fired after their upset against The Miami Heat. Clint Capela earns yet another double double with 10 points. He also dominated the boards collecting 17 rebounds. John Collins gets 17-7-1 shooting 6-12 from the field. After the last two games of being locked down, and trapped consistently, Trae Young gets heated up finishing with 18-3-10. Goran Dragic and Duncan Robinson lead the Miami Heat in scoring both finishing with 14 a piece. It was a low scoring night for the Heat. They didn’t show up on the defensive end as much which resulted in their loss at home.

Star Of The Game

Trae Young came to the American Airlines Arena with a different approach. In this game he was shooting more for his team. He was 5-12 from field, nailing 4-9 threes and 4-5 from the free throw line. After two quiet nights for the Atlanta Hawks guard he has taken advantage of the lack of effort on defense and made better shots this game. Young continues to move the ball and create plays for his teammates. In last nights game it was great to see him scoring more efficiently. With the effort brought from this game Trae Young and The Atlanta Hawks still have a chance to make it to the playoffs.

Biggest Concern

Despite Trae Young being the teams leading scorer in the win over Miami, the Hawks still have one issue. The Atlanta Hawks guard didn’t get going until the 4th quarter which isn’t going to work against high competing teams. With the rebuilding of the team and now adjusting to a new coach in order to win more the Hawks should expect Trae to hit the game looking to score. Unforced errors are a big issue as well and the ball is going to have to be protected when looking to score or pass. Even though the Hawks ended their 2 game losing streak they committed 17 turnovers in the first 3 quarters. This alone is huge because other teams will take advantage of loose balls and look to score on their end of the floor which could lead to a possible big difference in the scoreboard.

Suprise Contributer

Kevin Huerter moved the ball well for the Hawks gaining 5 assists in the game and making 6-13 shots. By becoming active and more available by communicating with or without the ball Kevin made things a lot easier in the game. Being able to see the court is always a plus but doing so while maintaining a calm level of being is another and Kevin showed great leadership from doing both on the floor. Teammates need that encouragement at times to finish through the game, I think his role in tonight’s game was impactful and effective due to Kevin being vocal during the matchup.

Next Game

Vs Orlando Magic, Wednesday, March 3rd at 4:00 PM Pacific

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