Boston Celtics Are a Drive & Kick Factory

Boston Celtics Are a Drive & Kick Factory
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This AI encapsulation, The Boston Celtics Are a Drive & Kick Factory: Film Session, is pulled with permission from this video by Nik Land.

Boston Celtics Are a Drive & Kick Factory: The Celtics’ Drive & Kick Game

For the first two games, it seems the Boston Celtics have made an extraordinary effort in mastering their drive and kick game. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have shown undeniable dominance in the said games by getting to the rim at will, a strategy that opened up several bonuses for their teammates.

Even with an over-reliance on a three-point ball, it appears their approach has been very consistent with the drive and kick strategy that’s proven effective in the paint. Notably, the blow-by rate has been substantial, especially against defensive opponents such as Luka Doncic.

Creating Spaces to Manipulate Plays

As Tatum moves toward the rim, one can see his teammates effortlessly manipulating the spacing, allowing him several options to kick the ball out for an open shot. Even if the shots don’t make it to the basket, the team’s process in forcing multiple closeouts from their opponents is consistent and highly commendable.

The Essentiality of Multiple Drives and Closeouts

One unique factor that stands out from the Celtics is their ability to perform multiple drives and closeouts within the same ball possession. This forces a constant defensive rotation by the opponents, leaving spaces that the Celtics can exploit for a shot. Recall, for instance, a recent play where Kyrie Irving seemed compelled to push Luka Doncic into the positions to defend Jayson Tatum out on the three-point line. This resulted in an excellent opportunity for the team to score a three-pointer with Jrue Holiday’s open corner three.

Leveraging Rebounds for Benefits

A remarkable process in the Celtics’ play involves setting their guys on the strong side, even if they don’t get the ball, to be effective in rebounds. Since no defensive player has a body on them, they have the perfect opportunity to get rebounds. We saw this in play with Jason Tatum making a fantastic drive, causing a rotation that led to Jrue Holiday successfully getting to the corner. They managed to get the offensive rebound, then a pass to Tatum for the and-one and knocked down the jumper.

Actions Off the Ball

The Celtics often use the strategy of actions off the ball to create ambiguity among their opponents. It is the team’s commitment to pushing their guards to the ball’s strong side until a teammate can drive the ball to the basket and open up the floor for an open pass to the perimeter.

Last Word

In conclusion, the Boston Celtics have made a strategic decision to master the drive and kick game, a move that has proven very effective against their opponents. Even when they don’t make it to the basket, the team’s consistent play around forcing multiple closeouts, whether on rebounds or getting open on the perimeter, is a commendable approach.

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