Brooklyn Nets Take Off Running, Coming Back From 21 Point Deficit

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The Brooklyn Nets came out with their 109-118 win against the 5-12, Chicago Bulls. The Nets were down as much as 21 points but never gave up.

It looked close to hopeless for the Nets late first quarter being down 34-13. Offense was their biggest issue; they scored 17 pts less then the Bulls in this quarter. But when the second quarter hit they fully flipped the game around. All the right gears fired up and they landed on their feet running. 

After being outscored in the first quarter, they took it personally and never let up. They outscored the bulls in both the second and third quarter and only fell 5 pts short of leading the 4th as well.  

Shot after shot splashing

In the first half alone the Nets connected 15 three pointers, with 12 of them coming from the second quarter alone. They were on fire, every Net wanted a piece of the action. They shot 50% from three in the first half and only dropped to 47.2% overall with 25 made threes.

oneale lead
oneale lead

From the shooting standpoint this was one of the Nets best performances, and really showed the threat they can be past the arc. They also kept their team-ball going and it showed to be very effective. Usually the Nets, when obtaining a lead go into more of an iso game which kills them.  

Top Performances 

The Nets had 6 players in double digit points and two that were inches away with 9. Spencer Dinwiddie led the way with 24 pts, 5 rbs and 7 ast. This was one of his better performances, by almost doubling his point average that is 14.1. 

Another Net that led the way was Royce O’Neale; he had 20 pts, 9 rbs and 4 ast. He showed up in the second quarter, when the Nets needed a push the most. Three after three splashing set the tone for the other Nets. Like Dinwiddie this was one of O’Neales better games this season. O’Neale almost trippled his average and doubled his field goal percentage; which is 7.9 pts and 37.1%.

The Nets showed their dangerous pace that can’t be matched. They are currently 8-8 in the season, winning their last two games. Fans don’t just hope O’Neale and Dinwiddie keep it up but the team as a whole.

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