Carmelo Anthony: Rising In Scoring And Appreciation


On May 3rd another accolade was added to the career of SF Carmelo Anthony. The Portland Trailblazer passed Elvin Hayes to be in the top 10 of the all time scoring list. Oh, the Blazers lost to the Hawks 114-123, but this is about Melo! This was another accomplishment in a Hall Of Fame career. In this revitalized season with the Trail Blazers he is averaging 13.6 points off the bench on 42 % shooting.

This is coming after almost three years ago he was doubted by many. In fact, he was shut out of the league not even able to get a roster spot.

I know , it was blasphemy of the basketball world to believe that one of the great scorers this game has ever seen couldn’t get on an NBA roster. But, with his hard work and his continuous attitude found a home in Portland giving us performances to show that he belong on this stage. Now nobody can discredit him as he is Top 10 on the all time scoring list. This achievement should make us look back and be appreciative of what we were able to witness in his eighteen year career. Anthony was one of the best scorers of basketball in NBA history. The Trail Blazers are currently the seventh seed in the West. With Anthony’s help they hope to have a good stretch of wins in the final games of the regular season and to push for another deep playoff run.

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