Clippers v Mavericks – Round 2

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Los Angeles Clippers

Clippers Mavericks – Round 2. The Clippers (9-7) are coming off a win against the Dallas Mavericks. Tonight, they play… the Dallas Mavericks! It’s hard to beat any team twice in a row. Harder still when that team has a player the caliber of Luka Doncic. The Clippers counter with Paul George who is averaging 26.4 pts, 7rbs and 5.2 ast. This is a matchup between two teams with MVP candidates and championship aspirations.

It’s good to have goals.

The truth is that both of these teams are locks for the playoffs, but getting past the first round may be tough for both squads. Of course, the Clippers have Kawhi Leonard waiting in the wings. Maybe.

Clippers Mavericks - Round 2

Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks (9-7) have lost their last three games. In a weird quirk in the NBA schedule the Mavericks had two games in a row against the defending Western Conference champion Phoenix Suns and now two against the Clippers. The Mavs lost the two against the Suns and dropped the first against the Clippers. Of course, that means the Mavericks are in need of a win. They will no doubt come hard looking to avoid a four game losing streak.

Clippers Mavericks - Round 2

Dimers Deliberation

Our partner is expecting a close game tonight with the Clippers favored. I imagine that is based primarily on the fact that the game is in Los Angeles.

While I appreciate the confidence in the Clippers I think the Mavericks are going to have an edge over the Clippers tonight. In short, they do not want to lose four in a row. In fact, they don’t want to lose four in a row to teams in the Western Conference. While I believe this will be a close game, I feel as if the Mavericks have the edge. Albeit, a small one.

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Clippers Mavericks – Round 2 Clippers Mavericks – Round 2


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