Creating an NBA Roster Out of Non-First Round Draft Picks


Selecting a player in the second round of the NBA draft is like picking an avocado. Some already have their best days behind them, some need a little time to ripen, some are international imports, and some may become the most important part of your meal. But ultimately, if you open up that shell and the inside is some combination of brown, black, and blue, you toss it, slightly irritated you wasted a buck-fifty.

The point is the second round of the NBA draft is a crapshoot. 

Some teams come home from the grocery store happier than others. I have decided to bring together the best avocados still in the league. This also includes an undrafted player or two, who may not qualify as avocados, but perhaps an even lower risk item in the produce section.

Upon hearing this idea, you might think I will be selecting from bottom-end starters, sixth men, role players, and bench warmers. However, if you take a look at the pool of talent selected in the second round or went undrafted, I imagine the conversation would quickly become, “could this squad win a championship?” The funny thing about second-round players is that, most likely, every front office passed on them at least once. That means any franchise could have theoretically pieced this team together, and I think some GMs would gladly take the roster below over their current one.

Let’s begin.

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