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With the NBA trade deadline just a couple weeks away, what moves should the Knicks make?

The Knicks are currently sitting at the 11th seed in the Eastern Conference with a record of 19-21. With the team still dealing with injuries and Covid protocols, they should definitely consider making some moves before the trade deadline in February. Here’s three players that the Knicks should target that can make an impact.

Cam Reddish, Atlanta Hawks F

Throughout this season, The Knicks have committed to playing small ball with R.J Barrett starting at three,Obi Toppin and Julius Randle also playing the center position from time to time. Cam Reddish is a 3&D player that can potentially be the perfect glue guy that this team needs. He had couple of 30 point games in the month of December and is currently averaging 12.3 PPG this season while shooting 40.2% from the field.

Even though he has dealt with his fair share of injuries since entering the league, he’s a guy that can stretch the floor for the offense and knock down the long ball. Plus, a Duke reunion with R.J Barrett would be nice to see and can be beneficial to the team since they already have some familiarity playing with each other. If I’m the Knicks front office, Reddish is one of the players that I’m aiming to acquire to the team.

Myles Turner, Indiana Pacers C

Let’s be honest. Mitchell Robinson hasn’t been the player that Knicks fans were hoping for him to be. Plus, with him being a free agent this coming summer and likely looking to get paid, The Knicks should consider moving on from him now instead of potentially letting him walk during the summer. Myles Turner would be a great replacement. He’s a high energy player that can defend at a high level. Turner currently leads the league in BPG with 2.8 and has proven to be an interior defensive force in this league.

Plus, Turner is no slouch on the offensive end with his ability to score on the inside and shoot from the perimeter. This season he is averaging 13.1 PPG while shooting 51.8% from the field and 35.3% from deep. Turner’s high motor on both ends of the floor is something that the Knicks desperately need especially if they can feed off of it. It will take some work to get this deal done but if a good deal can be made for Turner, The Knicks would not hesitate on pulling the trigger.

3) Buddy Hield, Sacramento Kings G

Hield’s name has been involved in trade talks for quite a while now but he is surprisingly still a King at the moment. His scoring ability at the guard position can give the Knicks a huge boost on the offensive end. Hield is a career 16 PPG scorer and is averaging 15.5PPG this season. The Knicks haven’t been able to find any consistency in the backcourt this season so adding a scorer like Hield  can be game changing. He has two years left on his deal and even though it’s a little pricey at 23.5 million a year, it’s a chance worth taking for a talented guard that just needs to be in the right situation. The Knicks need building blocks in the backcourt and signing Buddy Hield would be a good start in doing so. 

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