Denver Nuggets Cage Atlanta Hawks

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The Denver Nuggets defend their home floor 102-126 against the Atlanta Hawks. In the first half the Hawks made 9-16 from 3 point range. The  Denver Nuggets hold off the Hawks ending the 2nd quarter with a 20-6 run. Nikola Jokic led his team, made passing the ball look too easy with 6 assists the first half. He did a great job reading the defense, protecting the ball and finding his teammates. The Denver Nuggets as a collective team end the first two quarters with 16 assists and a 65-55 lead.  The Hawks shot 45 percent from the field shooting mostly from the outside perimeter.  

Star Of The Game

Nikola Jokic had an impressive night; he was 2 assists away from a triple double. With him only playing 28 mins he was able to get 16-10-8 not stepping foot on the floor in the 4th . However to begin the 2nd half the Nuggets made adjustments to their defense. While continuing to score from great ball movement, they made sure to attack both ends of the floor. Jokic looked focus the entire night, leading the Nuggets to a home court win.

Biggest Concern

The Atlanta Hawks have to be able to compete throughout all 4 quarters. It’s not only the lack of offense that wasn’t working but also their defense allowing Denver to blow them out. Trae Young also needs help with a more consistent scorer. During the matchup he was the only one to score 20 plus points from the Hawks. With the addition of Lou Williams, he will be that efficient scorer needed in Atlanta. 

Surprise Contributor

JaMychal Green from the Denver Nuggets averages 8 points and 5 assists. In the matchup against the Atlanta Hawks he led the team scoring 20 points and 7 rebounds. Green shot 7-12 from the field also making 3-5 three pointers he played a key role for his team. JaMychal Green had a great night especially with him only being on the floor for 13 minutes.

Next Game

Vs. Phoenix Suns, Tuesday, March 30, 7:00PM Pacific

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