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This encapsulation, DERRICK WHITE EXTENDED & CELTICS FOR SALE????, is pulled with permission from this video by Nik Land.

Derrick White Extended: A Reason to Celebrate

Basketball fans are buzzing with excitement following the announcement of Derrick White’s contract extension. The phenomenal guard has signed a four-year deal worth $126 million, signaling a strong commitment to the Boston Celtics. This extension is an incredible value for White, considering his high-level performance on the court. Let’s break down the exact figures:

  • – **1st Year:** $28.1 million
  • – **2nd Year:** $30.4 million
  • – **3rd Year:** $32.6 million
  • – **4th Year:** $34.8 million

When comparing these numbers to other high-profile NBA contracts, it becomes evident just how beneficial White’s extension is for the Celtics. Players like Bradley Beal and Fred VanVleet are raking in upwards of $40 million per season, while White’s annual salary never exceeds $35 million. This is a testament to his loyalty and desire to see the Celtics succeed.

The Surprise Announcement: Celtics for Sale?

Just as fans were soaking in the excitement of White’s extension, another bombshell dropped—Boston Celtics majority ownership, led by Wyc Grousbeck, is planning to put the franchise up for sale. This unexpected news caught everyone off guard, especially given the team’s recent successes and strong, stable roster.

As a passionate Celtics fan, it’s tough to see Wyc Grousbeck step down. Though he was often accused of being frugal, his calculated spending underscored a broader strategy centered on long-term success and championship contention. His decision to sell at this peak moment can be seen as a savvy business move—selling while the team’s value is at its highest.

Concerns Over New Ownership

The idea of new ownership brings with it understandable anxiety among Celtics fans. The fear is clear: a new owner could potentially disrupt the carefully built culture and stability of the team. Yet, Grousbeck’s move to lock in key players before putting the Celtics on the market speaks volumes. This suggests that he wants to ensure the team’s future success, regardless of the changing ownership.

It’s important to note that even though the franchise is expensive, ranging to unprecedented heights, these costs are justifiable if the team continues to secure championships.

A Look Towards the Future

As the Celtics gaze into an uncertain future, their foundation seems rock-solid: multiple key players have been extended, including Luke Kornet and Neemias Queta. Fans can remain cautiously optimistic that whoever takes over will preserve the team’s historical essence and commitment to excellence.

Throughout the ownership saga, one thing is clear: the team on the court remains exhilarating to watch. With multiple championship runs on the horizon, perhaps the Celtics can blend tradition with transformation in ways that push the boundaries of the sport.


The combined news of Derrick White’s extension and the potential sale of the Celtics has sent ripples through the basketball community. While the emotions are mixed, there’s no denying that the team is in a strong position talent-wise. Fans must put their trust in the team management to guide them through this period of transition while maintaining the essence of what makes the Boston Celtics a beloved franchise.

As these developments continue to unfold, Celtics Nation will be watching closely, hopeful that the team will emerge even stronger.

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