“Don’t Stop Disbelieving” is a terrible ad.

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“Don’t Stop Disbelieving” is a terrible ad. It is the slogan the Boston Celtics are using in their post-Championship spotlight. They also have rented a barge boat and showing it across Miami Beach. Obviously to needle the Miami Heat. This tact opens the door to surgically analyzing the Celtics championship run. It was the easiest in NBA history. The phrase to a grammar geek like me is a double negative.

Disbelieving? We all know the Celtics are a good team.

Look at this article here on marca.com, Jayson Tatum has made rubbing the title in the face of the Heat his mission. “To disbelieve” means that everyone in the NBA affirmatively believed that the Celtics were a bad team and couldn’t win an NBA title.

That’s not true. Everyone affirmatively believes that the Celtics are a good team.

They just benefited from the easiest Championship run in recent memory.

Look at this article here from the Inside the Heat page on Si.com. Jimmy Butler and Terry Rozier were injured for the Heat in the first round. Donovan Mitchell and Jarrett Allen were out for most of the semifinal round. Finally, Tyrese Halliburton was out the last two games of the conference final. Yes, other title teams have benefited from injuries to opposing teams. But, that’s a lot of “key players” that were injured for the Celts.

Also in this article here from Cyberclick.com, the best selling ad slogans are positive. Definitely, not double negative. “Don’t stop disbelieving” is a mouthful of a slogan. It doesn’t roll off the tongue and its a bit confusing. To help the Celtics social media department out, here are a few updated phrases to consider:

  • “Keep doubting us.”
  • “Haters gonna hate.”
  • “We love when you don’t believe.”

Heat living “rent free” inside Tatum’s head

Look at this article here from NBC Sports Boston. “Code Red” Brian Scalabrine was at it again by lobbing up a softball question to Tatum in a post-title rally. Look at my article here on our site where Scalabrine tried to “stir the pot” by saying Caleb Martin deliberately tried to injure Tatum. The Celtics are doing the Heat a favor. Congratulations Boston, see you next season.


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