Fan Experts 1st Round Predictions

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Here at thePeachBasket we strive to be more than just another website. We are a group of passionate basketball fans who love the game! Over the next few months we will share a bit more of our vision and goal for the future. But, for now, I want to focus on one key belief.

The best basketball analysts aren’t all on TV!

Right now, everyone has the same access. We watch the games on TV. That’s not to say the analysts on TV aren’t good, some are. But, since we all watch the same game with the same access – what is the real difference? Even when things open up and those TV guys get to interview or text players, does that really add value to what is going on during a game? Fans are experts! They love their team, they watch the game and they know basketball. If you are reading this, chances are pretty good that you are a fan expert!

Our group of fan experts span the country and the globe. Some are diehard fans of a particular team. Others are overall fans of the game. But, believe me when I say this, they know the game! Here are their picks for the NBA 2020-21 NBA first round games.

Western Conference

Utah Jazz (1) v Memphis Grizzlies (8)

  • Utah Jazz (100%)
  • Jazz in 5 (55.6%)
  • Jazz in 6 (44.4%
Phoenix Suns (2) v Los Angeles Lakers (7)
  • Los Angeles Lakers (77.8%
  • Lakers in 7 (44.4%)
  • Lakers in 6 (44.4%)
  • Suns in 7 (11.1%)
  • Suns in 6 (11.1%)
New York Knicks (4) v Atlanta Hawks (5)
  • New York Knicks (88.9%)
  • Knicks in 7 (66.6%)
  • Knicks in 6 (11.1%)
  • Knicks in 5 (11.1%)
  • Hawks in 7 (11.1%)
New York Knicks logo

The team of fan experts that contributed to this article and made the above predictions are Jeff Schectman, Daniel Romo, Ajay Virk, Jamaal Clark, Riley Burt, Rene Rocha, Jose Salviati, Nik Land, Andrew Marasigan

Do you have a story about your favorite team? Why do you bleed purple, or green, or blue? Let us know. thePeachBasket was created to be the Voice of the Fan! Every fan has a story. What’s yours?


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