Heat – Bulls Recap

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Recap #1: Heat explode to 22-1 lead

Bam had trouble against Andre Drummond and Nikola Vucevic on Saturday. (Photo credit: David Banks / USA Today)

A recap of the Heat-Bulls game on Saturday shows how good a basketball game can be. The Heat looked stronger at first but the Bulls won. The Heat exploded at the start of Saturday night’s game. They led 22-1 and the Bulls missed ten straight shots. Anyone would think (and probably did) that the game would be a start to finish boring blowout. The Heat were on a seven game win streak and looked unbeatable. The Bulls were 3-6 and looking like a lottery team. The Bulls woke up by the end of the first quarter. By the second quarter, the Bulls offense awoke and they had the cut the Heat lead to three. The Heat offense showed poise, constantly pushing the lead out when the Bulls began a run.

Recap #2: Bulls stars were quiet but played steady

Demar DeRozan keeps killing the Heat with his play.
Photo credit: Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Coby White and Nikola Vucevic were scoring mostly for the Bulls in the first half. Demar DeRozan had 11 pts at the half and Zach Levine only had 7. Neither made an imprint in the game with their scoring and were middling along. Then came the fourth quarter and DeRozan began to score. Levine added three point shooting and the Bulls made six three pointers in the fourth quarter. This article here on the Bulls from Sportskeeda shows how bad they are in halfcourt offense. The shooting was timely.

Recap #3: Heat and Bulls play again on Monday

Both teams will play each other again on Monday. The Bulls may use the Heat to resurrect their season and may grow stronger in chemistry. Check out this article here from “The Ballin J-Money” on the game. The Heat got lured into a jump shot game in the fourth quarter and stopped driving to the basket and creating fouls. They also began to enjoy themselves too much when they were up 22-1 and underestimated the Bulls. This game on Monday is like a playoff game. Look at this article here about how this 2 game series between teams is a carryover from Covid. The Heat lose the game and then they carry the mistakes into Cleveland and New York. Both teams went to the playoffs and the Knicks remember getting upset last season. Bam Adebayo needs to score to steady the offense. During the seven game win streak, Adebayo’s scoring would help the rest of the team during droughts.

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