Hot Seat Thibs?

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As of now, the Knicks look completely out of sorts on both ends of the floor. Is it possible that Coach Thibodeau’s job can be in jeopardy?

The Bottom Line

With the blow out loss against the Milwaukee Bucks at MSG the Knicks have lost three in a row and five out of there last six. They currently have a 12-15 record and have fallen out of the playoff picture at the moment. The offense continues to struggle and be predictable. As the statistics show, The Knicks rank 22nd in PPG with 105.8 points and 27th in APG with 21.5 assists. Also, the defense has looked abysmal, especially over the past six games.

They have allowed opposing teams to score over 110 points on 4 occasions. They have 3 double digit losses over that span. With the same issues continuing to occur, it’s obvious that the coaching is part of the problem. This team has no discipline and continues to look stagnant and clueless on both ends. The Knicks have high expectations coming into this season after making the playoffs last year. But, those expectations are out the window as of now and Coach Thibodeau is part of the reason.

Reform Needed

Now, the Knicks are expected to make some roster changes before the trade deadline that can potentially turn things around but if you are Tom Thibodeau, you can’t be so sure about that. Coach Thibodeau was hired to be part of the culture change that has been brewing with the Knicks due to some big front office moves. He did achieve that last season but you can’t continue to live in the past. Something internally has to change with this team and Coach Thibodeau is the only person capable of making that change.

If the Knicks continue to lose like this, there will be no other choice but to question Tom Thibodeau’s tactics as the head coach. It’s still early in the season which gives him some time to figure things out but if that doesn’t happen, I wouldn’t be surprised if Thibodeau gets thrown in the hot seat. In the end, this team has not been playing good basketball for a lengthy period of time now and everything needs to be analyzed, including Tom Thibodeau’s coaching.

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  1. What happen to stability ? Firing thibs is not the answer it to early to panic that’s the old Knicks way

    1. I didn’t say to fire Thibs. I just feel like if the losing continues to happen, he will be put in the hot seat. I honestly would hate for Thibs to go but we both know that if the Knicks keep losing like this, his job can possibly be in jeopardy. I appreciate you reading the article!

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