I Said It. I’ll Own It. More NBA Hot Takes!

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More NBA Hot Takes with a Twist

What’s good, Hoop Heads? Your boy is back with a new edition and we don’t need Mr. Telephone Man for this because I’m not phoning it in. I’m task oriented and ready to roll with some more NBA hot takes. Had enough cliches?  Let’s start this show!

The Smoke

I mentioned cliches, and there may be no bigger cliche right now than the Jokic Brothers. Now, I’m not saying I’d test their gangster. Let’s not be silly here. These are NBA hot takes, not sheer dumbassery. I’m a simple man after all, just trying to survive.

So, Markieff Morris delivered a cheap shot to reigning MVP Nikola Jokic the other night when the Nuggets faced off against the Heat. Jokic subsequently delivered a shoulder budge to Markieff’s dorsal surface. It was a rude encounter. Markieff’s head snapped back and he was rendered basically motionless on the floor! His Miami Heat teammates confronted Jokic as soon as security showed up to, uh, ensure everyone’s safety.

Aside from Jimmy Butler engaging in gentlemanly challenges to a duel (and from a safe distance, of course), the real drama happened after everyone left the court.

Several Heat players showed up outside the Nuggets locker room possibly clicking bottles on their fingers and issuing threats in a sing-song tone.

“Nikolaaa…Come out to play-yayyy”

The intensity only grew after that in the only place that can handle such heat (from the Heat). No, folks, not in the parking lot. I mean the only place where open aggression can be engaged in like men. Where combatants battle fiercely and the code is “death before dishonor”. No, folks, not in some random alley in downtown Denver either. I’m talking about the gotdamn Twitter app.

Let us duel like in the olden days.

Yes, Markieff’s twin brother Marcus Morris issued a veiled threat in 280 characters or less. Then lo and behold, the Jokic Brothers responded! Together! From a joint tweet thing account! Yes, they opened a Twitter account specifically for beefing purposes.

Are you not entertained?

These are NBA hot takes but I’m going to handicap this proposed tag team match between The Jokic Bros and the Morris Twinz. Now the Morris brothers are undoubtedly big and athletic, but those Jokic boys look dangerous! They were this close to running down from the stands and dismantling Devin Booker‘s body during last season’s playoffs. Like I said earlier, I wouldn’t mess with these guys. It would only take the two of them saying this in unison to make me soil my pants.

The Joker’s siblings would have the day. I said it. I’ll own it. 

The Dubs, Joel Embiid, and Dame

Well, the Golden State Warriors are the best. This does not surprise me. The birth of this grimy column was me declaring the Dubs would be in the Western Conference Finals during a San Antonio Spurs preview video. Yeah, I know that’s convoluted, but believe me, I said it that day and I’m owning it.

The Warriors currently have the best record in the league (10-1). The emergence of Jordan Poole has been a revelation for them and Andrew Wiggins is finding his stride right now. The rumor is that Klay Thompson will return shortly before Christmas. What a gift! I can’t wait to see this in a real game.

Golden State will go farther in the playoffs than the Lakers. I said it. I’ll own it!

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this column for so long now (four weeks), and have yet to mention Joel Embiid. His last appearance in an NBA game was on November 6th against the charging Chicago Bulls. He had a monster game, putting up 30 points and 15 rebounds in a 114-105 victory. Then he tested positive for Covid. He’s now in Covid protocol, sitting out for the required amount of games, but he gave the Bulls something to think about.

Joel Embiid: Looking strong before Covid.

Chicago is one of our favorite teams here at thePeachBasket, but I do believe they’ll have to go through Philly to achieve anything special this season. Embiid will be the reason for that.

I said it. I’ll own it!

Last week we discussed Paul George pointing out the difficulties of the new Wilson NBA basketball. This week we had Damian Lillard calling the officiating “unacceptable”.

Hmmm… This puts me in an awkward position, beyond the awkward positions I’m used to writing these NBA hot takes. I stan a lot for Dame. I make it a point to bring up his name whenever I’m in a Best Player Conversation. Hell, I even bring him up in random conversations about pretty much anything really. So this is odd to me. I’m not sure where this is coming from.

He’s always seemed like a head down, lunch pail, do my job type of guy. No whining, no complaining, just doing the damn thing. But he’s complaining about officiating while saying it’s not really affecting him during one of his slowest starts to a season in his career.

Damian Lillard: Frustrated

My conclusion? Dame wants out of Portland!

I said it. I’ll own it!!

Well, that’s all for now, folks. Stay safe and responsible in these torrid times. Drink water!

We’ll see you next week with more NBA hot takes in the I Said It. I’ll Own It Corner!

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