Immanuel Quickley is Rising to the Occasion


Immanuel Quickley has played some great basketball as of late. Can he keep it going?

Since being drafted to the Knicks in 2020, Immanuel Quickley has always been a solid contributor for the Knicks coming off the bench. He’s had some great offensive performances in the past and has always played with high energy. Recently, Quickley has taken his game up notch and is playing arguably the best basketball of his young career.

Over the past 8 games. Qucikley have averaged nearly 20 points and 5 assists while shooting around 50% from the field. During this stretch he put up a career high 36 points against the Spurs and a career high 15 assists against the Mavericks.  He has scored over 20 points in half of those games. Even though some of those performances came while the Knicks were on a rough 5 game losing streak, Quickley has been able to prove his worth.  He has filled in the best way possible for G Jalen Brunson, who missed 3 games with a hip injury.

Should he Stay or Should He Go?

Even in Brunson’s return against the Suns, Quickley provided a nice spark off the bench. He scored 15 points while shooting 6-12 from the field and 3-6 from 3 point range. Due to the fact that Quickley’s name has been brought up in trade talks as of late, it’s great to see him perform at an high level and potentially put those trade rumors to rest while doing so. 

When you see a player start to consistently perform well like Quickley has, you start to think if it’s the start of something great to come. Throughout his young career, Quickley has been a hot and cold type of player when it comes to his scoring and play-making. With the skill set that he possess, he can potentially be a force to be reckon with if he can find some consistency. Has he found it during this 8 game stretch? 

Only time will tell but, its good to see him play like this and it’s even better that he’s doing it when the team needs him to.



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