Its OK to be Angry, LA Basketball Fans


Every sports fan, every basketball fan, is missing out on the games they love. But for us LA fans the pain runs a little deeper

Its OK to be angry, right?
Now that we are into the fifth week of life without NBA basketball, it’s OK to be angry. Yes, I know there are much bigger things going on and the lack of basketball should be pretty low on our list of priorities, but as fans, it’s hard not to be angry.
Angry because of the games we missed.
The last second shots we didn’t get to see.
Angry that we are missing out on the continued evolution of Ja Morant and Zion Williamson.
Angry that we didn’t get the chance to give Vince Carter the goodbye he deserved!
As fans of the best teams in the Association, the Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers, the anger digs a little deeper.
After enduring decades of disparity between the two teams, we finally had a season when both were good. I mean, really, really good. Their odds to make the NBA Finals were +270 for the Clippers and +200 for the Lakers according to information I found at Online Casino Snoop. To say things were going well for both LA teams is putting it mildly. They were rolling.
Then, the world stopped.
As amazing as a Championship Parade down Figueroa would have been amazing (and still might be) the real loss is in what could have been the Western Conference Finals. On March 11 the Lakers held the #1 spot in the Western Conference with the Clippers at #2. Now, there is no telling if they would have finished there, obviously, but if they had it would have set up an all LA WCF! Trust me when I say that Los Angeles would have been giddy at the prospect.
Yes, it’s OK to be angry.
But, instead of rebounds we get to watch reruns. Instead of jump balls, we are all dealing with video calls. Instead of worrying about travelling, our minds are on distancing. Our world now is about washing our hands, disinfecting and coughing into our sleeve and it’s OK to be angry about all of it!
Anger is OK, but don’t let it get the best of you. This will all end at some point. The games will return, and we can all go back to talking about who should be traded for who, which coach is on the hot-seat and who the real GOAT is. When that time comes and you want to put some money on your team to win it all you may want to go to to find the best odds.

Until then, know you aren’t alone and know it’s OK to be angry.

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