Lonzo Ball-ometer 2.0

The Lonzo Ball-ometer is new and improved. We are four weeks into the NBA season and it’s becoming clear that Lonzo Ball is no ordinary player.  His impact goes beyond numbers. Win or lose, this is a player you want to watch. More importantly for the Lakers and the NBA, this is a player the casual fan knows and wants to watch.

This is one unique player.

The Lonzo Ball-ometer was created to monitor Ball’s progress and measure it against some of the games past and present greats. The problem was apparent after the first few weeks that his numbers alone didn’t tell the whole story.  It’s corny and kinda scary to say that Ball is bigger than the game, because he is NOT bigger than the game, but his impact is surely felt beyond the numbers and results. So, we should just abandon the Ball-ometer and be content with watching a unique individual play the game in our backyard.


Instead, we re-vamped it. We didn’t like having current players on the meter, so they are gone. Additionally, we realized how bad we were disrespecting Jason Kidd. Kidd is #3 in the career list of triple doubles behind Magic Johnson and the Big O! He needed to move up on the list, so he was moved up on the list.

Finally, numbers alone shouldn’t get you to the top, you need to win. So, the only way to earn a Johnson, Robertson or Kidd is to win. Finally, we added a new level celebrating the player who came in at eight in the all-time NBA triple-double list. If I gave you 1 week to ponder you wouldn’t guess who it is.

Fat Lever has the 8th most triple doubles in NBA history. I will pause now so you can do a Google search! Fat actually had an interesting career, he played in two All-Star games, Was second team ALL-NBA and All-Defensive second team once each. In fact, he is the only player in NBA history to average over 14 points, 6 assists, 6 rebounds and 2 steals  for his career. 

That, is mind boggling.

Oh, Lever’s prime was spent playing for the Denver Nuggets. The team will retire Lever’s jersey in a very well deserved ceremony on December 2nd, 2017. The opponent that night, the Los Angeles Lakers, of course.

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