Los Angeles Clippers Are In Trouble

This is a game recap article. I promise to put as much effort into writing the recap as the Clippers put into winning their game against the Pelicans. Losing games is par for the course in an NBA season. Even the very best teams lost games. Michael Jordan‘s Bulls, Stephen Curry‘s Warriors and Magic Johnson‘s Lakers all lost games. It’s not about losing a game, its about showing up with no effort. Those great Bulls, Warriors and Lakers teams always battled. Even when they lost. Tonight, the Clippers showed up. That was the extent of their effort. They showed up. The Los Angeles Clippers are in trouble.

The loss tonight is the Clippers seventh in their last 11 games. Two of those losses were big losses of 20+. Making matters even worse, both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are healthy. When those two joined forces it was supposed to mark the start of a new era for the Clippers. Instead, their first season ended in almost identical fashion to the Clippers season of 2014-15. These two stars were supposed to bring the Clippers to the promised land, which for them is the Western Conference Finals. While they did great in the regular season last season and are doing fine this season, it is clear this team is missing something. Great teams do not win every game, but great teams don’t lose without putting their best effort on the court.

These Clippers do not do that enough. They didn’t do it tonight. The Clippers are in trouble

Star of the Game

No one. The Pelicans played well and if I were in a better mood I might give this faux award to one of them. But I’m not and I won’t.

Biggest Concern

Scroll up.

Surprise Contribution

You have to contribute something in order for there to be a surprise. In lieu of any actual contribution, surprises were no where to be found.

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Vs. Dallas Mavericks, Monday March 15th ay 6:00pm

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